Friday Morning Disappointment and Anticipation

“American women often fall into the trap of ‘Oh, these are my weekend clothes. These are my work clothes. This is what I wear at night.’ It’s so old-fashioned.” – Michael Kors

It is Friday!!! As I said yesterday, I had the whole day planned. Fuzzy PJ’s all day, and doing absolutely nothing. I was very much looking forward to it. I went over to the Keurig to make my first cup of coffee. It was in this moment that my day was drastically altered. We were out of cream. Call me picky, or a snobby coffee drinker, but I will not give up my cream for milk. I know what you are probably thinking – no, I did not go out to buy cream. This just threw me off a bit. Instead, I sat down and started my computer. I stumbled upon a blog with a recipe for “Bruschetta Chicken”. It looked amazing. Something about the imaged caused a craving. When I crave something it is generally something random which no one craves (zucchini lasagna, goat cheese stuffed chicken – you get the idea). Well, today? I began craving Eggplant Parmesan on a bun. I even took it as far as posting it on twitter.

Why is that horrible? It was posted at 8:30 AM. Do you know what that means? At 8:30 I was contemplating putting clothes on, AND leaving the house. I could have fought the craving, yes, but instead I was on google looking at photos of eggplant parm. I clearly have issues. It was decided. I had to go get the ingredients for it. I was undeceive though. Did I want a standard tomato puree sauce or diced tomatoes? I turned my question to twitter (I am obsessed if you cannot tell). I asked Mario Batali what he would use. He happened to answer me!

I had to listen to Chef! So, I got ‘ready’ to go out. By getting ‘ready’ I mean, I through on Yoga pants, and an oversize sweater and left. I am sure I could have been mistaken for homeless. I just had to make one stop after all. Or so I thought. I went to one grocery store, who did not have big crusty rolls. This could not have been improvised. Off to the second store I went. I got my rolls!!!! Oh and I should mention when I was cashing out I ran into the mom of a girl I went to elementary/high school with. Note to self, at least take 10 seconds to put lip balm on.

As I was pulling out, I head on the radio that today was the day that they were finishing “Bras around the building”. Since the end of September the radio station has been advertising for women to drop off their used bras which will get hung around the building. For each bra collected they would donate a dollar to breast cancer. When I was leaving, they said they were about to hang up their 6,000 bra. I had to drive by and see this. So I did, even though I knew it would interfere with getting my PJ’s back on.

After my little adventure, I headed home to get started on my eggplant parm. It is currently sitting allowing for the excess water to drain. Lunch should be good!!!


6 thoughts on “Friday Morning Disappointment and Anticipation

  1. I am enjoying your blog greatly, which is a sure sign you will kill it after a week. But nice while it lasts.

    I discovered far too late that my lovely bride married me so she would have someone to fetch her cream when she discovers she’s out in the morning. As a drinker of black coffee, I do not get it at all. But I fear her before her first cup, so there you go.

    But I draw the line at eggplant.

    • Haha, You see, I used to drink coffee with my sugar and cream. How I a) swallowed that, and b) have never had a cavity .. One day I somehow ended up having a coffee without sugar. After the first sip which was horrible, I kind of liked it. I gave up one thing, I cannot give up my cream.. oh and update – I cut back to 2 cream..
      No eggplant? hmmm. chicken/veal is just as good! Although, in the wise words of my father “vegetables are not food. It is what food eats”.

  2. How did it turn out?? I a. Not big on eggplants but I do like eggplant parmasean! I too, am picky about my coffee! Lol! I have to have the right kind of cream or it is a no go! I love the pic of the bras!

    • Although it turned out good… It wasn’t amazing. I think I wanted it so bad I had some crazy vision of the party which would occur in my mouth. Instead of being a party busted by the police, it was just a small gathering. haha

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