Ellen’s “You Posted That on Facebook?”

“To make a mistake is human; to stumble is commonplace; to be able to laugh at yourself is maturity” – William Arthur Ward

It is a very cold and dreary Saturday, which is pretty much the worst thing that can happen on a Saturday. It is more “Monday” weather. Anyways, by looking outside I had no desire to put clothes on (yes, this seems to be a common theme). I was so warm and content I did not want to ruin that. You will be proud though, I did get dressed…Around 2. Prior to this I sat on the computer and watched YouTube videos.YouTube videos. This is always a strange topic. Have you ever clicked on a featured video and then watch all the “related” video, and then the “related” video until you are either:

  1. Watching animal videos
  2. Watching people fall videos
  3. End up on the “weird” part of YouTube

The “weird” part of YouTube is somehow where I always end up. If you have never been to this area. I warn you. Do not. You can never un-see what is up. I’m talking popping cysts off backs which are the size of my head. Maybe even being taught how to stitch yourself up with a needle and thread. Maybe, how to give yourself Botox. Oh yes, I have seen them all.

Today was not one of those days though. Today, I watched Ellen!!! You either love her or hate her. I love her and I find her pretty funny. I watched one mini-series for a 30 minutes. She went through Facebook photos of audience members and displayed them. Facebook photos which need explaining or are embarrassing. I thought it was hilarious. So, I decided to find some photos of myself which are weird. I must warn you, no photos am I intoxicated, or naked, or anything like that, so in other words – These are all boring.

Art Class. In high school. I remember this day. Someone brought a camera and I modeled everything in the class from oven mitts to this glue gun. What is more embarrassing? I have a full album on photos from this class. What is even worse? How short my kilt looks. It is not short. My shirt was really long, and I am really short (5 feet!) So the shirt is misleading. If my hands were down straight it is longer that my fingers.

Our high school graduate trip. I was on a train and I was trying to sleep. I did not know this photo was taken until a week after we got home and there was this picture in different positions. I think 12 people posted me like this. The biggest confusion I have about this photo – what am I facing? Am I twisted?

If there is anything I hate more than anything. It is sports. I hate it. I hate watching, hearing, talking about it. I sat for a day and attempted to “score keep”. I have never ever, had a sun burn before nor after this. Just another reason as to why I hate sports. Oh, I also had a 5 hour flight the next day. My life sucked.


This, there is nothing to explain. I have a pink snuggie. I love my snuggie. IΒ just thought it was cute.




Best for last.. My fat lip. Jamie enjoys showing off his sweet sports stuff to me. If you see above, you saw that I said I hate sports. I got 2 black eyes playing badminton. Like hate sports. Jamie was showing me his “super cool lacrosse trick” when the ball flew out and got me in the face. slightly less dramatic, but still as painful. He felt horrible and has never picked up the stick around me again. Im not mad about that.



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