Weekend According to My iPhone

“Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.” – John Shirley

I think I have mentioned it before, but I will say it agian. “Hi, I’m Jules, and I am addicted to Twitter, and Instagram”. I am constantly taking useless pictures which make me look like a photographer to share on twitter. Twitpic? What is that? Instagram my friends is where to turn to. By saying that, I came up with this idea (well, I am sure it has been done before, although I have not seen it, I will not take credit for it) I am going to compile photos of my weekend which I have taken to describe my weekend. It is about 1:30 pm, but our Sunday’s tend to be incredibly laid back which will result in no additional photos.

  1. Jamie and I have been having “date night” for almost 2 and half years now. Date night is our Friday night ritual. 99% of the time we go out. We used to have this “rule” where it was somewhere new each time. hahahahaha. We live in a small town. I think we went through our options 8 weeks in. Now, we go to one of 2 places. They know us by name and don’t give us a menu. Pathetic? Or just routined? Describing date night caused me to remember one of our firsts. Jamie made me asparagus, tomato salad and another vegetable (ah. I can’t remember). The first photo is of us, out for dinner, waiting for our meal.
  2. Dessert!! I am obsessed with Starbucks! I am a proud Gold member!!!!! Jamie has issues ordering. If anything annoys me, its improper ordering. His favourite is an “extra large vanilla milkshake” or “Venti Vanilla Bean Frap, no whip extra vanilla bean”. Friday night though, he had a Venti Caramel Macchiato, and I had a Venti Tazo Chai Latte, easy water, no foam, lactose free milk! High five for being lactose intolerant!!
  3. After dinner we came back to my house and watched “Argo” with my parents and my sister. My mom blogged and half watched. (check her out!).
  4. JellyBean is scared of people and hides for hours if the doorbell rings. She does really like Jamie though. She can often be found near him.
  5. Saturday morning! I shared some snuggles with the little dog (Jasper). He is my little buddy Saturday mornings. Follows me around until we leave. I don’t mind, he’s nice and warm
  6. Jamie and I shared our pizza left overs for a late breakfast/early lunch! We had hot pepper, bacon and mushroom on the whole thing, and on (my) half pineapple and onion.
  7. We were on our way back into my house for dinner. My mom was making stew! The perfect cure for a cold, rainy and windy day. The one thing I learned was how hard it was to take a decent photo to display just how horrible the weather was. I still failed.
  8. Before we could go into town Jamie had to deliver garbage at the dump. He lives in an even smaller “town”, so small they don’t even collect your garbage. Definitely somewhere I could never live. Every time I go with him (and stay in the truck of course) I have to laugh at this sign. Serious, what kind of physical abuse does the dump employees have?
  9. Sunday morning. There was absolutely nothing on TV. I had to watch a 30 minute segment on fishing. FISHING! Did you know it is considered a sport? I tend to protest this. It is a leisure activity. If shopping cannot be a sport, neither can fishing. I’m sorry. Just NO.
  10. It is another cold and rainy day. I decided to bundle up in my old high school sweater. Β Although I haven’t been in high school for almost 3 years, it still feels weird wearing it without my kilt.
  11. Subway lunch! We tend to have subway 90% of Sundays. We go into my house on Sundays for dinner with my parents. We usually stop at Subway prior to. My mom is either cooking dinner or making something to blog about (serious. check her out. say I sent you)Β so it is easier for us to just grab subway. I had a BLT and Jamie had a club!
  12. We had to stop at the pharmacy. A few years ago they renovated it to look like you are stepping back into the 1900s. They recently added the convenience section where you can get candy, lottery, and coffee. Looks pretty cute!
  13. Finally, we stopped to get everyone a coffee! I think he is sleeping on the job.


5 thoughts on “Weekend According to My iPhone

    • I am so glad I am not the only one, who seems to have a ‘limited’ selection! Its great until you explain that you only go to 2 (or for you 3) places. We know the truth though, were not boring, we like consistency.

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