“Baby It’s Cold Outside”… and My House Stinks.

“I love cold, rainy weather.” – Catherine Bell

I am pretty sure Catherine Bell had to have been under the influence in order to make that statement. Either that, or she is just crazy, which means, her and I could never be friends. Prior to making my statement I had to google her since I had no idea who she was, I wanted to make sure she was not actually an alcoholic. That would have been in tasteless, bad humor.

Aside from Catherine Bell’s love for the cold, I hate it. I hate nothing more in the world (besides sports) than the cold. I over hear people talking about wanting winter to come to go skiing, snowboarding, dogsledding. Joking about the latter one. I want to go up and slap them across their face, and have Siri direct me to the closes mental institution where I would kindly offer to drop them off.

Anyways, we were expected to get the aftermath of Sandy last night (which we did). I am 98% sure the Arctic front landed over us also. It was freezing, and raining and windy all night and still is today. Yesterday I spent the day in 2 pairs of socks, long johns, pants, a tank top, a long john shirt and big hoody, sipping on coffee and hot chocolate. Ultimately, it caused me to want a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks. No desire to go out into the cold and get one though. It was pretty upsetting. I wish they delivered.

It is still pretty cold and rainy and gross today.. I cannot hide inside, although I would like nothing more. I have class from 3-4 today. Don’t laugh. I know it is only an hour. But it will take me double the time to warm up again. I have had an assignment for the class for 3 weeks. It’s due today. I did it this morning a 7:00. I hate having assignments which can be done to the highest form of ability in 20 minutes for 3 weeks. I have been putting it off and putting it off. It was a “mandatory elective class” is was either this, or a different one. I chose “Occupational Health and Safety”, yes, you can just imagine how “good” the other option was. So I worked on this assignment.

Aside from printing that off and going to class for an hour, I have no plans — aside from eating this delicious looking cupcake.

Oh, I almost forgot. My house stinks. My mom washes the ceramic with vinegar and water. If you cannot visualize that scent, open up a bag of salt and vinegar chips and stick your heard in the bag.

Happy Tuesday.


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