Candle, Coffee, Blogging

“When Thomas Edison worked late into the night on the electric light, he had to do it by gas lamp or candle. I’m sure it made the work seem that much more urgent.” – George Carlin

Back in July, Jamie’s brother went to Ohio. When he came home he gave me a candle. He said he had not idea what to get me, but he found a pink candle and thought it fit. Truth be told, I am not the biggest candle lover. It does smell really good though! I had it sitting on my dresser since. Today. I decided to light it. It smells even better! It is funny though, the brand is “Wood Wick”.. the wick, as wood (incase the name didn’t give that away). Like I said, I am not the biggest candle lover. So I was playing around with it. It wouldnt come out so I lit is (fire safety number 1 – just light it on fire). It has been giving this crackling sound. I found myself watching it making sure it doesn’t catch the house on fire.. After about 20 minutes, I realized there is a little banner on it that says “crackles as it burns”… good to know!!

I made some ย coffee and I am getting ready to read some posts. I was also playing around on photoshop.. What do you think?

Oh, and for you candle lovers, it is from Cracker Barrel, in the scent “Island Mist”… It would make a pretty deodorant.



5 thoughts on “Candle, Coffee, Blogging

  1. Hello…I have been desperately searching for a WoodWick Candle in the “Island Mist” scent and can’t seem to find it anywhere. When searching, your wordpress came up so I figured I’d ask if you remembered where you got yours and how long ago… THANKS !!

    • Hey! My boyfriends brother brought it back from the states for me. He purchased it at Cracker Barrel in Ohio. Maybe try the Cracker Barrel website? Or if you have a Cracker Barrel near you they might be able to order it in for you! Good luck!!

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