sipping water and a dream interpretation

“Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama

I wasn’t feeling too good yesterday (or the night before). I wasn’t sick. My stomach just didn’t feel “right”, and I could not get warm for the life of me.. Oh I was also pretty tired. I was googling my “symptoms” and the great google told me I had acid reflux… Yeah no. I don’t. Jamie thought I was dehydrated so, I took his advice and starting drinking water.
It was cold water. As I was freezing, I am sure you can guess that it did not help. Although it didn’t help, it did amount to a pretty cool photo. I edited it the same as I did the candle photo, I think it looks pretty cool..


Anyways, I am asking you creative, intuitive, and analytical people to help me figure out a dream I had. It has been bothering me all week…. Here we go.

About 2 weeks ago I had a dream that my sister and I were driving in the car (I was driving) and we had to get on the highway and drive about 2 hours ago in order to get a suit tailored. Weird enough right? No, it gets better. I miss my cut off so I pull over to the shoulder of the highway and do a 3-point turn and proceed to go off the on ramp. Got the suit tailored then I woke up. Never gave it a second thought until the other day.

I had a dream which was like a “part 2” if you will… I was in the basement of my house and the phone rang. I heard my mom say “what? Julia went off the on ramp? That seems unlikely”. I am not sure what happened between that and ending up in a house I have never seen before. It was “formal” but ugly? It was a formal house but covered in ugly wallpaper and crown molding with two contrasting colours. It was spacious just — old? Anyways, I remember thinking that I was in the parents house of a girl who I hit with my car while going off the on ramp. I remember seeing her and she was essentially a vegetable. She was wearing diapers and she was foaming at her mouth. Like foamy saliva was coming out of the side of her mouth. I remember thinking “well, that sucks. Too bad for her”. She was lying on a table and she was waiting for her diaper to be changed.

Then I woke up. when I woke up I 1) did not understand 2) felt heartless for not caring 3) felt fascinated that I had a 2 part dream.

Any ideas what this means??


2 thoughts on “sipping water and a dream interpretation

  1. I usually classify my dreams in two types. Sub conscious or imagination. If you have anything you are feeling guilty about in real life you may sleep better by resolving the conflict. If you don’t have anything to feel guilty over in real life it’s probably just your imagination. You could consider it your brain testing your moral compass but more likely than not it means nothing.

    Re: Not feeling well. Next time try drinking water that is not cold. I never believed my significant other when he said this but it turns out he may be right. Supposedly cold water doesn’t sit well on your stomach and causes bloating. I haven’t fact checked that but cool water instead of cold water has helped me. It’s much easier to drink in higher volume and helps when you feel dehydrated.

    • oooooo I like your thoughts on the dreams.. It also prevents you from going crazy right? I like!!

      Warm water.. Yeah, never thought of that. It makes so much sense though. They say cold water is better for you as your body burns calories trying to warm it up. If you are not feeling well, why make your body work harder and cause you to feel even worse! Thank you so much!!!!

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