Weekend According to my iPhone

“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.” – Jane Austen

  1. Friday night Jamie and I went for dinner to our favourite place. I feel like I need to stop documenting Friday Nights as they are constantly the same. We did change it up! I had a giant panzerotti and he had a burger.
  2. This was interesting. The people behind us asked the waitress where she was from (she has an accent). She said “Poland”. They decided to talk to her for 15 minutes about the trips they take to Chez Republic every year. But wait, it gets better. They also asked if her she knew the new Chez wine…. Interesting
  3. Starbucks! Jamie had an iced caramel Macchiato and I had a salted caramel hot chocolate.
  4. I could not sleep in Saturday morning for the life of me. I was up and ready to go at 6:30 (or 6:38 to be exact)
  5. Later on in the day we brought my dad a coffee at work. The lids were not on correct as you can tell by number 6
  6. The coffee leaked and went everywhere. We had nothing to clean it with except a napkin. I would hate to feel how sticky that is…
  7. Upon further review my hand looked abnormally larger. So I took another photo to show that I actually have small hands. I am proportioned.
  8. Dinner! It was so good! We marinated chicken in a yoghurt mixture, and baked it. We put it on pitas with lettuce, cucumber, onion and tomato with tzatziki sauce. So good!!!
  9. We were pretty lazy Sunday morning. Jamie shared some snuggles with little Jasper before getting ready.
  10. I TRIED MOUNTAIN DEW! It was absolutely disgusting. Jamie seems to think I just have a hate on for “Pepsi Products”. It’s not my fault they ALL suck!!
  11. It was remembrance day. 2 minutes to 11:00 the radio stations played “The Last post”, read “In Flanders Fields” and then had a moment of silence, then played “Highway of heroes”. I took a picture at 11, looking in the mirror. I wonder if any of those Veterans could have imagined how the world turned out?
  12. We had subway for lunch and met a CRAZY “Sandwich artist” he was the definition of a Sandwich Artist. He went on and on to Jamie about the new bread liners and how amazing they were. Which was after he told Jamie all about his childhood. While we were eating we witnessed him go on and on to other people about the bread liners..
  13. Nothing really went on for the rest of the day. I did get this pretty picture of the sunset. I have an online friend in England and I always send her the photos as she thinks Canadian Sunsets are beautiful.
  14. Around 7:00 we went to the store to get some ice cream and a waffle bowl. It was amazing. We got “Loaded Brownie bits” it was delectable.
  15. Jasper tried to suck up to me to give him some. There was chocolate so I couldn’t. but he looked so desperate.
  16. Once he realized that he was not getting any ice cream, he stared at me with this weird scowl on his face. Poor guy.

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