Doctor, Sea Island Cotton, and weird typing skills

“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died” – Erma Bombeck

Luckily for me, from what I can remember the plants at my doctors office are fake. Anyways, I am super prone to Strep Throat. I always seem to have it. I heard a lot of people get it in the colder months – yeah, I had it a few months ago in July. I seem to always have it. In July when I had it my throat was sore for 24 hours and I was told it was as red, and inflamed and my glands were as swollen as an average persons 72 hours. cool. So I woke up Wednesday with a sore throat, I let it go until yesterday. I had to get in but I knew the chance of getting in was pretty slim. I had my mom call as she can play hopeless very well.. Well, apparently he was not in yesterday.. great. So today at 12:15 I get to go, sit for 3 hours to prescribed penicillin. I swear, I should just have an unlimited supply at the pharmacy. I will update late on the interesting waiting room conversation and the verdict of this appointment later…

I am completely in love with the scent “Sea Island Cotton” fromΒ Bath and Body Works. I used to absolutely hate it and then for whatever reason I got the body wash. I was hooked from then on. I am currently wearing the whole collection at the moment – body wash, lotion, body spray and even hand sanitizer. It smells so good. I used to love “Warm Vanilla Sugar” until everyone heard I loved that scent and one year for Christmas I had a Warm Vanilla Sugar over load. What is your favourite scent?

Lastly, do you find you type weird? I will be typing like normal and then my fingers turn all exorcist on me and BAM my french key board is activated. To activate the French keyboard on my laptop I have to press shift, control, arrow up, all in that order. You would think it is difficult but it is not. I am constantly trying to deactivate. It is so annoying!!!

Side note, I painted my nails this morning. “Yoga-ta get this blue” by OPI. It is probably my second favourite blue by OPI, first being “Russian Navy”. I have no idea how I managed but I chipped my index finger already….


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