Doctor Waiting Room Stories…and I have what?

“A good physician treats the disease; a great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” – William Osler

My doctor does not have any plants – fake or real – in his office. I made a point of checking….  Well, it was a quiet yet busy day at the the doctors office today. Although…. There was some interesting things going on.

So I get there and the parking lot looks rather full.. I knew, in that moment, I was going to be in for a wait. I didn’t know how long I would be waiting for, but the fact that the parking lot was full was not looking good for me. See that spot between the station wagon and the truck..  Yeah, don’t be fooled. I thought it was an awesome spot also…. Not so much. There is actually a moped parked there…. Even better right?


So I manage to park and I get inside. I give the receptionist my Health Card (In Canada, you have a little photo ID card – kind of like a drivers licence – which allows you to go to the doctor/hospital for free. You just have to present it when you get there). And then I found my chair, and the chair for my things. I did bring a book with the intention of reading, but I never actually opened it up… I was way too busy people watching. Is that bad?


When I sat down I looked over and I saw this (Please see photo). Okay, I get it, maybe she gets hot ankles and needs a constant breeze to prevent them from sweating. I respect that. But the chance of that happening seems very unlikely. Do you not know your pants are way too short? Do you know that everyone can see your entire mid-calf length socks, and a full view of your running shoes (or I think my American followers would call them “Sneakers” or “tennis shoes”). It just baffles me.. I would get cold.

While this was going on I unfortunately enough was missing the event which was happening right in front of me. I wasnt invited, nor even told about it. I guess I was preoccupied with wondering when Noah’s Arc was going to float in front of me. These two decided to have a sleeping contest. Who do you think wins? Man in the t-shirt? Correct!









Well, it was clear I had to entertain myself.. So what was I to do? You probably guessed it. YES. I did start taking weird photos of myself. It started with weird photos which then escalated. I have been working for sometime now on trying to raise one eyebrow while keeping the other one normal.. I am not successful at it, but they do say that practice makes perfect. I brought out my iPhone, and used the forward camera and just went to town. I took like 20 photos. I looked up at one point to see the man directly in front of me (the one who lost the contest) staring at me with this “wtf” look. I did one of those “what are you looking at” face, like you did NOT see what you thought you did. So yes, I put my camera away at this point…awkward.

I was FINALLY called into his office. My appointment was at 12:15, I got in at 2. It seems like a crazy wait but it really wasnt that bad considering how busy it was, and fact reception messed up and booked me in on his lunch.. Anyways, long story short, it turns out I did not have strep but a very severe sinus infection. I am on amoxicillin 3 times a day. Also, I brought up the fact I am constantly tired, and cold which lead to a checklist of questions. I have to go back for blood work next week. He is about 95% sure I have Hypothyroidism, 2.5% sure it is anema and 2.5% sure it is low B12. cool… minus the fact I am scared of needles… This will be interesting.


9 thoughts on “Doctor Waiting Room Stories…and I have what?

  1. I heard, but I’m no doctor nor do I have a background in medicine, that the B12 thing is a myth and fad. People are getting b12 shots here in the US with their morning coffee. You should look it up before the doc starts sticking you.
    And the ankle pants…
    What was this woman’s age? Here for some odd reason, hipster kids love wearing short pants show off their sneakers. I’m not into it either.

    • Thanks! I will definitely look into that. He suggested the B12 would be caused from a year of low iron which would be treated with a daily vitamin. I will have to wait and see what the blood work says before I “Get my knickers in a knot” (always wanted to say that). Believe me, I am petrified of needles (they have to strap my arms down) So if I can prevent that, it would be awesome!
      As for the woman I would guess she was in her 60s… Oh those hipsters… Im not into that whole fad. Especially the cargo pants. Im really short (5 feet) so anything loose and baggy causes me to look like a parachute is swallowing me.

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