Blood Work Vs. The Pizza

Trypanophobia – Fear of needles

So I went for my blood work this morning. I was not planning on going until tomorrow, but I decided yesterday at 6:42 PM that I was going to go today. I had to fast starting at 7 PM so it could not be a spur the moment decision.

The doctors office does blood work between 7-11 AM, Monday/Tuesday/Thursday. I decided to go there instead of the clinic because it is farther away (20 minutes vs 5 minutes). With my paper in hand I started to drive to the Doctors..

I had a whole list of stuff they were checking for… Anyways I HATE needles. Blood work is worse. I have to lye down or the blood will not drain, AND they have to strap my arm down since I shake…

I got there around 9:30. It was me and one other person waiting to go in (a 7 year old boy). They called the boy first and I chuckled to myself and thought “ha! sucker!”… well, then I heard him in the room. He LOVED it. “Oh cool!!! You’re really putting that in my arm?!” “Can I watch” “Look at it go in” ” look how small the needle is”.. My god, I was rocking in my chair. He left and if we were in a movie “Im walking on sunshine” would have been playing as he danced his way out…

Now it was my turn. I explain I need to lye down in order for the blood to drain.. We move to a “special room” with a table for me to lye on.. How embarrassing. I had her my form and she starts to talk to me. I am slurring my words and trying to focus – I have no idea what we were talking about. She looks at my right arm, puts the band around it and starts tapping – she then informs me I do not really have good veins on that arm as they are constantly rolling and you cant really see them – so she wants to try the left. Stupid me asks what happens if we have the same issue.. Essentially they will keep poking you until they get the vein. Luckily my left arm was “amazing”…

She pokes me and I don’t feel it lucky for me! Its not the actual thing I am afraid of, it is the thought of something being in my arm/vein – YUCK. Anyways she says something and for whatever reason I thought she said we were done? So I look. WRONG. She was just switching vials. That was a vision I wish to never see again. The needle and tubes coming out of my arm.. yuk!!!!!!

I was finally done and she tells me that “This is NOT the worst thing of what will happen to you today. You will bump your knee or get a paper cut, something will hurt more than this”… I thought it was a strange comment but I left agreeing.

I got home, took the “band aid” (cotton ball and  tape) off and see that she didnt bruise me and you cant even tell where it went in! I was STARVING though. I had dinner at 5 PM last night and by this time it was 11 AM.  I went to the store and got a deep dish mini pizza. It looked and smelled amazing. Eventually the oven went off and I got to get my pizza out! It was stuck so I glided a knife under it to loosen it up… Yeah, the pizza flipped and landed face down. I lost all my toppings except for a little piece of chicken and a few peppers.

I guess the nurse was right. It was not the worst thing that would happen to me today….



3 thoughts on “Blood Work Vs. The Pizza

    • Oh my gosh I could never do that! I can’t even watch it on a movie. I think it’s more the logistics which freak me out. This piece of metal is going to go in my arm, under my skin, into a vein and draw blood? Ew!

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