Weekend According to my iPhone

“It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.” –W.T. Ellis

  1. Yes, we went to “The Pizza Factory” for dinner yet again. I feel like I am starting to sound like I am making it up, so to verify, you probably remember I mentioned I painted my nails? So I have a photo of my nails on the menu!
  2. I had a Panzeratti yet again…… I can only eat half of it so I got the sauce on the side so it wont get soggy sitting in the fridge over night…
  3. Went to Starbucks… I need to stop including Fridays on here… I had the Tazo Chai Latte, easy water, no foam, lactose free milk! Jamie had an Iced Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel drizzle.
  4. Instead of going to the actual Starbucks we went to the one in Chapters (equivalent to Barnes and Noble) They were decorated for Christmas. The stockings were adorable!
  5. We got back to Jamie’s and I was sitting on the couch when Ryder decided I was sitting in his spot so he sat on top of me
  6. Saturday! My mom and I put our tree up!!! I complain every year on how pathetic and crippled our tree is.. Doesnt seem to matter. We make due! Essentially the Christmas decorating took all day!
  7. Afterwards Jamie and I went to Tim’s! They also have their Winter cups out! I had a French Vanilla and Jamie had a coffee with 2 cream!
  8. We had the munchies after going to Tim’s so we stopped at the store and got some snacks. However, but the time we got them were didn’t really want them… So I enjoyed the chips I got Sunday on the way in to my house. I have never had them before, they are “Kettle Chips” in the flavor “honey dijon” – AMAZING!
  9. …This is what Jamie thought of the smell…..
  10. It was super foggy out. Not on the roads but like surrounding us? I dont know how to explain it. The fields and “out yonder” were foggy but the roads were fine?
  11. Stopped at Subway. Saw our intense Sandwich Artist guy. I had a BLT and Jamie had a club.
  12. We stopped to get Tim’s for everyone and Jamie picked up a proline. (3 coffees – 2 cream, double double, triple triple… French Vanilla, and an Earl Gray Tea plus 12 doughnuts).
  13. My mom and I went shopping to get some more christmas decorations as I have been complaining. We found gorgeous little balls at Walmart for $3.88 – WOW!
  14. We also wanted something else for the tree to make it look fuller. Tinsel would have swallowed our tree.. We found tinsel like yarn are Michaels which worked perfect! It definitely added some umph and didn’t swallow. 40% off coupon, it came to $2.02 – Steal!
  15. After working all afternoon – this was our final product!!! Looks Beautiful. I will go into more detail later!
  16. As we were leaving I was complaining on how cold it was outside. Jamie sarcastically asked me if I wanted him to move the truck closer so I do not have to walk as far. I said yes. Success!

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