What a Busy Week!!!!

“Get busy living, or get busy dying” – Stephen King


Oh goodness. This week has been… busy. After my eventful blood test experience I had to seriously crack down. I am nearing the end of my semester at school (just finished week 12/15!!! Please, please hold your applause). So the end of the semesters are SO busy with assignments. I had 2 essays due this week (both worth like 25% of our final mark). We knew about these essays since week 1, but I mean, who starts then? I had one for English which I did it on “The negative aspects of social media on a business”, and I had one for International Law which I did it on the question “Is torture ever justifiable”. English was due Tuesday and Law was due today (Friday) so this week we essentially a write off during the day.

At night I did not want to be too boring (as I do go to sleep around 8:15). I was finished my Christmas shopping mid-October however there were a few little things which I still had to pick up. My sister is obsessed with London England, so one of her gifts is a collage frame with photos of London in them. I had to get another photo which looked better in the frame.So Jamie and I went to mall to go to Blacks to get the photo developed. We had an hour to waste so we walked around and looked at our pathetic mall.

We looked in Bath and Body Works. I am obsessed with that store. I own every single hand sanitizer (the little mini pacts) which they have, including past season exclusive collections. They had all their Christmas stuff out which was pretty exciting for me as I LOVE Christmas. However, I was very disappointed this year. The majority of their holiday scents have not changed from last year. Nothing to get overly excited about… It was a let down and I left empty handed.


Jamie has a friend who works at a hat store in the mall. After Bath and Body we went to visit with him to kill time. It worked out as he had to waste 15 minutes of his shift. During this time Jamie was trying on a bunch of different hats which he never wears. He is more of a baseball hat kind of guy. However he was in the mood to try old man/hipster style.. What do you think? Im not a fan.



That night was our “big outting”. The rest of the week we have been watching Breaking Bad. We watched season 1, 2 and half of 3 in like 2.5 weeks a while ago. But then we got busy with life and kind of forgotten about it. Until this week. We finished season 3 and started season 4. It is a fantastic show and we would both highly recommend it!!

I had 4 hours of classes this morning, and afterwards I painted my nails, which was much needed. I paint them every Thursday for Friday, and around Wednesday they will start to chip. I am really loving reds and blues right now and I am tending to rotate between the two shades. This week is “Malaga Wine” by OPI.


Essentially, the wraps up my week!!! Its been consumed with essay writing! How “fun”. What have you been up to?

Also, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!!!


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