Be a best friend, tell the truth And overuse “I love you”

“You’ll be the prince, and I’ll be the princess” – Love Story – Taylor Swift

Ever since I started this blogging journey (about a month ago) Jamie has been asking me when he gets “featured”. It also didn’t help that my mom did a blog post about my dad. It’s not that I didn’t want to write this, I just didn’t know how to go about it… So, I am just going to write and see how this goes..

I am going to start this from my POV.. I met Jamie about 5 1/2 years ago. I was actually working at a gas station and he was what I would call “a regular”. He would come in and purchase the same thing every time I worked – usually a Rootbeer or Dr. Pepper and either a chocolate bar, or beef jerky. If he ever came in and purchased something aside from that I would actually question him like “are you feeling okay? No Rootbeer?”. He was always really shy and didn’t really say much, and I was like an obnoxious extrovert. Anyways a few months past and he added me to Facebook (which looking back I should have thought was creepy, but whatever new friend!). We started talking on there and then when he would come in he was a lot more open and talkative.

I am going to interject and tell Jamie’s side of this as it is very different from mine. He and his friend came in one day when I was working. They were over by the pop and from the way he describes it, it was like a movie. His friend was like hunched over looking at drives and he was staring at me in a daze and his friend kept repeating “do you want anything?”. As the story goes Jamie said to him “I am going to marry that girl one day”. I never really believed that story, until I found the receipt that he kept from that day.. I worked the same days/shifts every week so it was easy to know when I would be in and he would make a point of coming in. I never, ever wore a name tag for whatever weird reason I had.. One day I happened to have it on and he saw my name was “Julia”. He went home and searched every “Julia” until he found me. Pro creeping skills! As it turns out he became less shy because he learned there was a 5 year age difference and I was 15..

Throughout the years the we kept in contact. We would chat periodically, wish each other a happy birthday, merry Christmas, ect. 3 years went by and we started talking more.. I was a few weeks away from being 18 and legal haha. And then we started hanging out.

The first time we hung out I made a mistake which to this day he is yet to let me live down. I gave him directions to my house. I said “first street on your left, first house on your right”. He text me and said he was here. I looked out, and no, he wasnt. The correct directions were “first street on your right, first house on your left”. He took me to a baseball game.. yes, me, baseball game. It was the first baseball gave I ever went to. I wore as bright pink ruffled skirt, a pink tank top and a gold sequence shrug, and gold heals. Yeah, I looked good, in an idiot sort of way.

We continued to hang out for a few weeks before it was “official”. The photo to the left is the first picture we have together. Well, there is actually 10 that was taken that day but that is the only one where I dont look weird.

We have come a long way from that picture. Jamie can successfully point out a knock off vs real handbag, and I unfortunately enough can name every since NASCAR driver, and about half of all NFL quarter backs. Never, ever thought I would say that before!!!

We have gone to our share of brutal weddings.

We successfully achieved our first road trip experience

We crossed the boarder with out any issues aside from toll booths

One time, and one time only we took Ryder for a walk. (hes [ryder] lazy)

We made a gingerbread family!

I learned how excited a bottle of alcohol made him

I gave in and went to the Hockey Hall of Fame

We stood on the glass floor at the CN Tower
We saw Kenny Chesney and Billy Currington together.

We had fun in Niagara Falls for my Birthday Weekend
We have gone to open houses and left fake names.
I even made it through a baseball game.
We have walked on a pier and I survived even though I am beyond clumsy

We have also done a lot more, but those were the albums which were on Jamies computer πŸ™‚


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