Blogmas Day 8

“Christmas makes me happy no matter what time of the year it comes around.” – Bryan White

All for the love of soup….

Jamie and I have these awesome Tweeter friends who what have gotten really close to in a short amount of time. We actually plan on meeting them in the summer when Jamie and I take a trip to Boston!

A9taB2TCAAEIfjLAnyways, yeterday they tweeted us a photo of this soup which they made which looked amazing! It was a cream of chicken with wild rice. I love cream soups!! SO this morning I was hungry and all I could think of was how good that soup looked! So I was determined to make one. Problem? They didnt use a recipe which is fine but I still needed an idea of what they did.

A9sQKyRCIAAluySLuckily they sent a photo yesterday of the ingredients so I knew what I had/needed and went from there. I tweeted and asked for help! I got an email back with the “what I did” recipe and shopping I went. This is wear my issue happened.. I was looking at onions and I am sure you can call it, yes I had a pile of onions fall on me. An old man practically fell trying to avoid these falling onions. An employee came over to help me which only caused more of an issue. With each onion he put back 2 more would fall.. I felt pretty bad but I knew the soup was going to be worth it.

I actually surprised myself.. Rosemary and Sage were used.. I absolutely HATE Rosemary. I hate it on potatoes, I hate the smell, its awful. I put maybe 1/2 a teaspoon in the soup! It was very small compared to the pot and after everything was added it tasted pretty good!! Maybe I just need rosemary in small doses – although it will not be going on potatoes anytime soon…. As for sage, I used to like it. Until Jamie added it to mashed potatoes one day. He asked if I liked it and I said “I couldnt taste it”… The next time he made mashed potatoes he put handfuls of ground sage into it, the potatoes were green, and I have never looked at sage again. Luckily we did not have any – fresh or ground!!!

The soup is smelling amazing and from what I have sampled it tastes equally as good!

If you are interested in “what we did” you can click on the photo below for a larger view.



Candle update: Still hanging on.


2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 8

    • Haha! It was so embarrassing. Mostly because I didn’t know the protocol, do you chase them, what do you do? I DID know it was far too chaotic to pretend I was not responsible. It was a rather mortified moment. Note to self – I should have gotten a photo.

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