Blogmas Day 9

“I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying ‘toys not included.'” – Bernard Manning

Just a short post today. I have to finish up an essay for International Law, and I hope to look over my notes for my exam tomorrow in “International Money Matters”. It is officially exam week! I have 3 exams which is a lot less than 6! In addition to Money Matters I have Global Political Economy and International Law. Not bad at all!

IMG_3918Aside from school, I started a new candle today! I chose the “Winter Candy Apple”. I love the scent, and the photo on the front but I am hating the candle. It isnt burning evenly. This is irritating me. I clearly have OCD issues. I keep staring at it with hatred wishing for an even burn. After this, and my two other small ones are finished I may never purchase a small candle, or one wick candle again. Mind you, my woodwick only had one wick and burned perfectly even. I feel like I am complaining over something so minimal and my frustration is not coming across as important as it should be.



My baby blanket is almost done also! I have about 3.25 rounds left to go! This boarder has been killing me. I will love nothing more than to blind off. In addition to the blanket I made this photo on Adobe Illustrator. We will print it off frame it. Aside from that, I think we will just purchase a few outfits. For the photos I love the pattern which is in the “R” and the “L”. The nursery is turquoise and white, and there happens to be some turquoise in the pattern. Cute right?

I think I have mentioned before how Jamie and I are really into “Breaking Bad”. We are half way done the final episode of season 4! Do any of you watch it? Its a crazy show, we love it! I do find that I am not as “stressed” as I feel I should be as I know there is another season so he’s not going to be killed. LOVE it.

Anyways, back to this essay I go. Have a good day everyone!


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