Blogmas Day 10

“Christmas is, of course, the time to be home – in heart as well as body” – Garry Moore

I was at school early today to write an exam. The school has about 7 or 8 parking lots.. 1 (parking lot B) is the closest to the door and is always full. I will leave about 15 minutes earlier than I normally would have to in order to ensure that I get a spot in that lot. Unfortunately today, I had to park in “M” which is “close” but consists of a hill and the parking lot if very open meaning it is very cold. I havent parked up there for over a year now. I was making my way down the hill and I was reminiscing as to why I never park up there.. Story time!


As you can see, there is a slight hill leading to the school. Yes, I am aware it is not a huge hill but you cannot deny that there is one. It is even worse in the middle of winter when it is covered with ice and snow. Yes, as you can tell this story is getting good already. I am somewhat of a klutzy person, making walking alone a hard enough challenge, let alone adding ice and snow.

It was a cold morning, around 7:40. It was snowing, and it was freezing. I was in track pants. book and a crazy amount of winter warmth. My arms were full of my “Financial Statement” books, binders and calculator (ps. If you are an account, I applaud you for being able to do, in my opinion the most boring job ever.. Although, I do feel your excitement when I got my fist ever balance sheet to balance!). Anyways, I hit black ice and it was slow motion from there. I slide for a few feet before the ice turned to just plain concrete and, yes, I fell. I fell hard. I have no idea where all my things went, all I do know is that I was cold, wet and bleeding. I didn’t know I was bleeding until I was able to get inside to my seat. Mortified obviously. How do you NOT notice someone who is covered in slush. Anyways, I was sitting in class and I could feel the trickle going down my leg. I so wanted to check and see how bad it was, but all I could think of was earlier that morning I said I can hold off shaving my legs for one more day. So no, i didn’t look. Time went on, burning starting, still felt trickling. Finally my class was over and I went back to my car.

Earlier, I text Jamie to let him know what happened and he asked me to come see him – I did, and I said “I think I am still bleeding”. Next thing I know he was getting out a first aid kit to clean it up, hairy/stubbly legs and all.

Flash forward a few weeks later. This time, I was off to Marketing, and the same thing happened. This time, I was prepared with Hello Kitty Bandaids (and shaved legs). Needless to say, after that day, I refused to park in that lot again… Until today.

IMG_3925No. No falls!!!! I did happen to find my favourite pen to hopefully send luck my way for my exam! It is a Bic and it has the retractable shock things. Best pen, hands down to write with. I am definitely picky about my pens, but this baby, that is my one true love.

Well, I kind of lied, I prefer to write in pink, but I settle for black, but in this case I double settling for blue. Ew, I hate red.

Are you picky about pens?



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