Blogmas Day 11

“Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.” – Ruth Carter Stapleton

IMG_3937It was actually a beautiful day today. It was cold, you could see your breath cold, but the sun was very warm and shining so it did not feel as cold as it was. I bundle up from October to April in my winter attire, but I am sure for anyone like Jamie it would have been a “hoody and possibly a vest” kind of day.

I went into school for 8. I had a presentation this afternoon so I was meeting with my partner to go over it. I also had to write my International Law final today also. I could write anytime between 8 and 4. After my meeting with her, I figured I might as well go and write. Anything I didnt know by that point I probably wouldnt know in a few hours from then. I went to the LRC – essentially a library with computers instead of books – but not to be mistaken with a computer lab; the LRC is carpeted – to do a quick study sess on the computer. After 10 minutes my neck was hurting and I realized why.. I am too short for the desks. Below is a photo of the computer screen, and then from my eye level. Yes, as you can tell I had to crank my neck all the way back.


After about 10 minutes I had enough and decided to go write.. My teacher is notorious for 10 “long answer” questions. However, he expects paragraphs upon paragraph answers. Then I got the test. One question. Thats it. One question. I basically wrote a novel and then went on my way 45 minutes later.

IMG_3947The sun was shinning a lot more by the time I left. Oh look, if you look through the bushes and see all the cars there, yeah thats the good lot. I was making my way up the hill. I did stop to take the photo though, which I am sure looked like an excuse to “catch my breath”. People do it all the time, which is completely fine, I just didn’t want to look like that when I wasn’t doing that! I mentioned it was warmer but some guy passed me in shorts, that seemed slightly psychotic to me. No matter how “warm” it was, it is still mid december! Oh and by “warm” it was a sun shinning 5c (or 41f).. yes, welcome to canada!!

IMG_3950IMG_3952I went back to school this afternoon to do the presentation – I lucked out! Yes, I got in the good lot. As you can see it is definitely a closer walk to the school compared to yesterday. Shannon met me at my class with a box full of goodies 🙂 … I may not be sharing.

OHH I forgot to mention. I have a follow up appointment with the doctor on monday… Doctor adventures part 2?? You can read part one here!



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