Blogmas Day 12-15

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Okay, okay.. It’s no lie – I have sucked at this Blogmas. I missed that one day last week, and now, well, I missed 3 days.. I really am trying!!!!

IMG_3961I was officially done school Friday just before 11! It feels so good to be done for christmas!!! Jamie treated me to some much-needed Starbucks. I had my “go to” Tazo chai, easy water no foam, lactose free milk, and Jamie just had a Caramel Apple Spice. On the way back to my house I took (in my opinion) a fantastic photo of the sky. My instagram can sometimes be taken over by sky photos. However, this one has to be my favourite.


We (I) spent most of Friday and Saturday getting ready for Jamie’s Christmas Party which was Saturday night. Jamie asked me to knit a mug cosy for a gift we were brining. We found this mug (which was a nice size, however I found the colours really ugly) so We covered it with a mug cosy which I crocheted.


IMG_3990Once that was complete, we spent the rest of Saturday relaxing before we had to get ready. We watched 3 episodes of Breaking Bad which caught us completely up on series. I began to hate the show by the end of it, based on how much I truly hated Walt. After that we got ready to go. I even straightened my hair for the event.. Which is pretty much a big deal all in itself. We had fun, great food and conversation, but it was a “late” night, and we all know how much I love my sleep.. Although, I do suppose it was worth it in the end.

PicMonkey CollageYesterday was an experience for me. I so desperately want to like tea. I love the idea of it. However, when it comes down to it, it really scares me. I cant seem to swallow it since I find the taste so horrible. A while ago I went to David’s Tea and purchased a canister of Chai Tea and the filters. Yesterday, I decided to try it. It was absolutely disgusting steeped and black, it was horrible. So under the direction of Jamie and my mom, I added cream. I am not too sure which one was worse, black or with cream. After a good 30 minutes, I came to the hard realization that tea, is just not for me. I guess I will just have to stick to coffee from now on.

PicMonkey1CollageAs for today, my first official day off of school, I wanted to celebrate with my infamous “no clothes monday”… However, it became a hard reality that it will have to be interrupted this afternoon as I have that doctor’s appointment later today. So instead, I am celebrating in my pjs, until about 3:00, working on a new pair of socks, and smelling my freshly lit (as of yesterday) candle, It smells really really good – and that drastically reminds me of grape flavored childrens cough syrup. This one is also having a horrible time burning evenly. Oh!!! I made a list of Bath and Body Works Candles which I want!! I may have to order online or take a drive to find them at a larger BBW.. I want the “Lavender and Vanilla”, “Sea Island Cotton”, “Caribbean Escape”, “Paris Daydream”, and “Cranberry Peach bellini”. I am sure my list will grow, however I am pretty content with that for now!

OHHH! I forgot, I started watching “Parenthood”. I am on episode 7  – LOVE IT! I hope to finish the 4 season during the 3 weeks I am off school. I was incredibly unsure of it in the beginning. You see, I was a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan, I mean HUGE, so Lauren Graham will always be Lorelai to me. It was hard seeing her as anything but Lorelai. So once I came to terms with that, I was able to let go and enjoy the show. However She will always be Lorelai to me.



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