Blogmas Day 17

“Keep calm and get your Ho Ho Ho on”

So…. I had that doctors appointment to go over my blood work. Originally my appointment was at 3:15, but they called around 10:30 and asked if I would be interested in coming for 1:30 – ughhhh yah! I figured I would have a long wait anyways, so I would probably get in by the time my original appointment was.

IMG_4008I pulled into the parking lot and was presently surprised by just how empty it was. Last time, It was so fully I struggled to find a parking spot.. I honestly felt like I hit the jack pot, my appointment was moved up, AND there clearly wasnt much of a wait. HAHAHAHAHA. Was I ever wrong. Yeah, I got inside and the door leading to the office was locked. They were on lunch. So, it was no wonder why the parking lot was empty. So I waited, and waited… and waited and I was finally allowed in. IMG_4018I sat down and before I knew it people started piling in.. I have a tendency to “Hoard” the chairs on either side of me so no one can sit there. I can be slightly anti-social. Mostly, I just dont care about your neighbours or the town gossip, or your giant bag of medication. My point was proven when this man decided to take a seat next to the woman. Complete strangers, forced to sit beside each other due to someone having clear issues on sitting alone. Nope, they didn’t know each other. You wouldn’t know it though, based on how close they are sitting in this photo.

IMG_4020Time passed and more people started finding seats. And then.. Then I saw it. One of the many things which irritate me.. Pants which look like capris when sitting down. Last time, there was just one woman, this time it was THREE men, all happened to sit in a row. Oh, all strangers again who feel the need to sit side by side. I noticed the longer they sat, the more their pants came up. Would they not feel a draft? I think I would be quite chilly having my ankles exposed like that.

IMG_4022I began reading for awhile and when I looked up I realized that, yet again, I was not invited to the sleeping competition. I guess that could be due to the fact it was a “party of 1” event.. I never know what to make of these people that can so easily fall asleep in a chair in a waiting room. I just dont get it. I cannot even slough slightly without being uncomfortable. A bigger question would be “Are they not afraid they won’t hear their name being called”? How embarrassing “uhhh yeah.. Sorry, I was sleeping and I didnt hear you call my name. Would it be possible for me to go next?” IMG_4028How does that even work? I couldn’t contemplate this very long as I was distracted by this woman who went into her purse and pulled out her lime green hair brush and began brushing her hair. I couldnt help but look at her (and obviously take photos). Was this real life? weird…..




IMG_4033Anyways, I finally got into see the doctor. Essentially it is one big puzzle, as my blood work was incredibly good. However, he did notice my heart skips a beat which is pretty common, however he did refer me to a cardiologist to get a holter monitor (this friday) just so there is a solid number.. or something like that. The best part of this appointment was that I was left alone for a few minutes… It caused me to pick up a took and look at it. It wasnt until after this photo I realized it wasnt working because you have to look through it with your open eye… I had it reversed..

I came home after and was using the last little bit of my candle. The flame got huge! I was pretty excited about it.

IMG_4041IMG_4044I had a little bit of it left this morning which I enjoyed during a cup of coffee, some toast and the first episode of seasons 2 of “Parenthood” – Great show! Totally recommend it. The candle burnt for a few hours longer which surprised me. The coffee and toast were long gone, but the candle still smelled really good!





I finished the afternoon by lighting “Sparkling Icicles”. This is definitely my favourite. It kind of smells like cologne at first. Its very clean and refreshing smelling! Another huge recommendation!




3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 17

  1. Glad your blood work went well. Good luck on the heart issue; I’m sure it’s nothing. By the way, I think it’s hilarious that you snap photos of these random people so covertly. I call it “guerilla photography.” Did these people have any idea you were taking pictures of them? You must be pretty sly with that smartphone. Very clever.

    • Hahaha no, these people have no idea I take photos of them. I have learned a lot on how to be sneaky. I have had some embarrassing moments when either my flash or sound is on. Then it’s the “ah. New phone. I don’t know what I pressed” lie. Too funny!

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