Blogmas Day 19

“Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves.” – Eric Sevareid

So…. I got my holter Monitor put on today. It was an eventful day….

IMG_4053It all started this morning just after 6:30. I just got home and my mom was in the garage. When she came back inside the alarm started going off.. Turns out she did not disarm it, prior to opening the door.. This all started due to the fact we had no hot water and the repair man was going to come later today, so she wanted to move the car out RIGHT at 6:30 to make sure no one was blocked in.. I think he came around 10? After he left until now, no one has told me weather or not we actually have hot water back? I am assuming we do, but who knows….

My appointment was at 1:45, and there were a few things I wanted to do before then. One of the IMG_4056things which I had to do was go to Michaels. That was exciting. The store is always DEAD, however, I am assuming some people feel the need to get crafty 4 days before Christmas. Makes sense right? Like I said, it was busy in there. Cashing out took some extra time, mainly due to this lady. She HAS to have some type of OCD or something. She was telling the cashier how to wrap her item, including which items to place in each bag. She had around 10 items, and 5 other people cashed out before she was done. Do you see that giant bag in her cart? It had 2 items in there wrapped in additional bags for more protection.. It was definitely interesting to watch.

IMG_4059I left there and heading towards the Cardiology clinic. I got to the front door which had a sign “Entrance at back of building”… The building is weirdly shaped so I had to walk around through an alley, behind a laundry mat, down a flight of stairs and then finally inside. It was a “Scent free building” However there was a cafe in the lobby which scent lingered throughout the clinic. Do you find this weird? I did. Anyways, I checked in and they gave me a sticker thing to carry with me to give to the technician. So off I went, with my sticker to find the room on the second floor. My biggest dilemma was figuring out whether or not I take the stairs or the elevator. I felt like in a cardiology clinic you are expected to take the IMG_4060elevator.. But wouldn’t the exercise be healthy? I compromised and said I would take the elevator up, and the stairs down. So I went up to the waiting room where a picture hung displaying what this monitor thing would look like, both with the stickies, and with the tape over the stickies. Essentially it looks like a suicide bomb which can explode at any time. Completely attractive…. I was finally called into the room with the IMG_4061technician. She was really nice, with the exception of her cold hands. We laughed about the bomb and she explained how I cannot shower or bathe with it on since it is an electronic piece of equipment. I thought it was common sense, which leads me to wonder what has other people done with this bomb on? Highlighted are those things which I cannot do with this on, such as bathe, shower, take a magnet to it, or use an electric blanket or a heating pad.. Oh, do you see that photo of “no scissors”.. yeah in bold and underlined it says “DO NOT CUT WIRES” Again, what have other people done to even put that on there. I wouldnt even think of taking scissors to the wires. Weird right?

So… Anytime after 7 AM tomorrow I can take it off.. Another thing which is confusing. It is supposed to be for 24 hours, yet I will be almost 7 hours short of it.. Again, Weird right?



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