Blogmas Day 20

“A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.” – Garrison Keillor

I usually do not do any of the “Daily Prompt” ideas as I have a difficult time finding one which intrigues me. The only one I did was the “Letter to your 14 year old self” It was probably my favourite post which I have done to date.. Since that one I have not found one which I really cared for, until this morning. It was posted on the 10th I believe (I could be wrong)..  It was asking what you would put in your time capsule of this year. I kind of twisted the idea and decided to reflect on my year through pictures. However, I am at Jamie’s so I was only able to use the photos from my instagram (follow me! @juliaisslamow).. So, I think the photos I located summarized my year well.

pic1I enjoyed some beautiful sunrises, yet also embraced the calm before the storm. I sat every Sunday through Jamie’s NASCAR Races – Snuggles from a cute little puppy helps get through it.

pic2We at brunch as we looked out onto the cold lake. I somehow made it through a semester of Microeconomics. We watched a championship hockey game with 10 year old girls – which was actually pretty cool, minus how cold it was. I fought with People’s Jewelers until they agreed to replace my ring!

pic 3My addiction love of Green Monsters began to blossom, around the time that Tim Horton’s changed their sizes and an “XL” is now the size of the pacific ocean. We celebrated Jamie’s 25th Birthday, and a few days later I spent my sisters birthday in the hospital with her and her bloody finger (BUT it got me out of microeconomics)

pic4I had some pretty healthy (and yummy) lunches – probably to balance out the green monsters. I had a big ring pop for Easter. I tried Raspberry wine drizzle on top of vanilla ice cream and stawberrys. I sat in the Library with 6 people and crammed for Microeconomics Final Exam – only taking a “few” twitter breaks.

pic5I dealt with swelling caused by Jamie showing off some “pretty cool lacrosse tricks”.. I fell in love with Caribbean Escape soap from Bath and Body Works. We sat back and watch little robbins hatch. Found a favourite K-Cup!


I managed to get a photo of Ryder smiling! I was bored one night and cured that by making thong cookies! Found my signature summer (virgin) drink – San Bernadino sparkling water with lemon (add some gin and its also a great, light, no sugar drink). Sat back and watched Jamie play Baseball week after week.

pic7When Jamie’s watching machine flooded the basement we had to make fun while sitting on a futon. I would draw in the dirt with a stick and take pictures of my feet at Jamie’s baseball games. We celebrated my moms birthday. Jamie gave me an early birthday present – a pedi from the spa (I know, amazing right?)

pic8The pedi turned out fantastic! I made friends with some ducks! We hung out in Jamie’s back yard with a puppy – wine for me, beer for Jamie. I stepped onto a piece of metal and it hurt a lot.

pic9Took photos of Jamie’s brother out the window. Enjoyed some great wine suggested by my teacher. Built things with Shannon (which did NOT turn out). Spent the evening at the beach with Jamie.

pic10Enjoyed Homemade pretzels. I watched my hair grow! We enjoyed vanilla coke so kindly shipped from our amazing (and generous) twitter friend. Jamie won blue jay tickets…

pic12We went to the Baseball game, and of course, Me and sports? yeah I was nervous. I Made my first pair of socks, and sat on the deck as I made my second pair for my mom. I boiled vinegar and my dad was not too impressed with the smell. We watched some beautiful sunsets!


I had my last-first day of school. I made friends with a Donkey!!! Shannon and I saw some “interesting” shoes. Jamie and I learned that people at the dump get verbally abused.

PicMonkey CollageWe won Eric Church tickets (February 15th!!), decorated for christmas, and babysat some pretty cute kids!!


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