Blogmas Day 21

“I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month.” – Harlan Miller

My wrapping is officially done!! I have been “half done” for weeks now, but the paper I got was so pretty I kept holding off wrapping! I mentioned a few weeks ago that I purchased this totally awesome paper. They came in a box of 3 – and they were all bright pink! How totally awesome is that? Oh and to top it off, it was only $7.99 ! $7.99 for PINK wrapping paper?! I know, how cheap is that!!!!! I probably would have spent double for pink christmas wrapping paper! I realized in my previous post, you could not get the full idea of how pretty the paper is.

paperI know right? It is so adorable!! The middle one is my favourite! I feel like the stripped one is not overly christmasy (at least the other two have trees). Nonetheless, all beautiful.

Wrapping was a success. I didn’t realize how much Jamie and I bought for everyone until I was finished wrapping. Although it looks like I a lot I figured we bought for 8 people plus each other – and YES, I did NOT run out of the pretty paper!

presentsThe gifts on the left are going to Jamie’s house tonight. The gifts on the right are staying here for tomorrow. The holidays are pretty busy for us as we try and balance each family out. So, the plan for this year is: Christmas Eve, dinner with my parents and we will do gifts – Jamie will get his, and we will give my parents and sister their gifts from us. Christmas Day, I will wake up here, do gifts in the morning, get ready and drive to Jamie’s for brunch at 10:30 where we will give presents to his family. Then we will head out to Toronto to do christmas dinner with my cousins. Christmas day is always pretty hectic for us, so this will be the third Christmas where Jamie and I will give our gifts to each other Christmas Eve. It seems to be easier for us (and besides, who wants to wait an extra day?!)

I realized this year that I am a bitchy and controlling gift giver. I dictate the way you can open your gifts. They are all numbered, Primary gift is number 1 and all the gifts after are labeled and you can choose they order you want to open them.

IMG_0060For example, for Jamie’s brother (the one who so kindly got me obsessed with candles)… We got him a popcorn maker, popcorn, and 3 different seasoning salts…Why would I let him pick which one to open first. What if he opens the popcorn first, it ruins everything. The popcorn maker is number 1, followed by the popcorn and the seasoning salts. Does that not make more sense? After typing that out… I realized.. I am a control freak.

Note to self – Work on oppressing controlling behavior.





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