Candle Craze

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” – Anne Frank


I am sure we have established the story that I was never ever a candle person – I swore they were nothing but dust collectors. I think that is because my mom is not really a candle person and never really had any burning. When I met Jamie though, I realized his mom always, always had a candle going – Never really understood why though. I remember she went to the flea market once and came back and had me smell this huge candle haul she got. All I remember was thinking how good “monkey farts” smelled, but not enough to turn me on to them. Jamie’s brother went to Ohio in July and brought me a candle back. It was really pretty but it sat from July – October before I lit it. I lit it, and I absolutely fell in love with candles.

I GET IT NOW. I completely understand the candle craze. I was reading about candles (because I am JUST that cool) and I learned there are 3 main reasons why people love candles (Ambiance/home decor, Aphrodisiac, and Aromatherapy). I had to laugh at the Aphrodisiac – I thought that was somewhat extreme… Or maybe it takes a lot to impress me..

As everyone was aware of my new-found love, Jamie and My sister got me some Candles for Christmas. Jamie’s brother also got me a gift card which allowed me to go and purchase my own candles (Bath and Body Works – semi annual sale!!)

IMG_0066I was so excited about these! I mentioned how much I loved my WoodWick that Dave (Jamie’s brother) got me, however I struggled to find another one. Jamie came through for me and found me the Vanilla Bean WoodWick. I was pretty stocked for that. It crackles when it burns – so soothing, really adds to the “ambiance”. He also go me “Cotton” and “Lavender”. I was surprised by how much I love them. The Straight up lavender smells amazing. I should use it as a night time candle to set the bed time “ambiance”. My sister also came through for me and got me the two candles I previously mentioned which I could not find “Lavender and Vanilla” and “Cranberry Peach Bellini. The Cranberry Peach Bellini, kind of makes me want to drink. Cheers!

IMG_0069With the gift card that Dave so generously gave me, I hit up Bath and Body Works for their semi annual sale. I really lucked out. Last time I went I got the 2 large and 3 small for around $60.00. With everything on sale I lucked out and got the 2 big and 7 small for $50.03 ! Total steal right?!?! I ended up getting two large aromatherapy candles, one sensual in “Black current vanilla” and one energy in “Lemon Zest”. I was apprehensive over the sensual one. I thought it smelled like a cough drop.. Turns out that line is my moms favourite scent. I completely lucked out and found “sea island cotton” which is my favourite line right now. I was told while cashing out they actually got it by mistake! I also go “MIdnight Pomegranate”, “Caribbean Escape”, “Coconut Leaves”, “Poppy Sunshine”, “Autumn Day” and White Palm. The Autumn Day surprised me. I was holding it in my hand unsure about it. It kept growing on me so I ended up picking it up. I think I am completely missing summer time and the awesome drinks associated with summer – guess I want to create that “Ambiance” in my house.

I feel like a total loser ranting about candles.


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