Its the most, wonderful time of the year

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust

Wow, It is all over. After all the build up, the shopping the pretty wrapping paper – its over. It was such a busy three days. Jamie and I essentially had 6 Christmases when it was all said and done – 3 of which were Christmas day – talk about busy. As I mentioned before, since we are so busy around any holiday (especially Christmas) Jamie and I exchange presented Christmas eve (Christmas number 1)

I was We were up around 6 am eagerly excited to give the gifts which we were finally able to give. I wanted to do it Christmas Eve Eve, but Jamie made me wait… Which I am kind of grateful for as we had an awesome morning due to it. We had all the presents arranged by the fireplace – mostly to get a good instagram photo – but it looked cute. Jamie totally spoiled me as he does every Christmas – this year I was pretty surprised by what he got!!

christmasYou know you are in for something really nice when you open that adorable blue box with the perfectly tied ribbon. Your eyes begin to pop out of your head and it takes everything out of you not to rip the ribbon off. The last thing I opened was this gorgeous Tiffany and Co bracelet. It is the “Return to Tiffany’s Bead Bracelet” it is inspired by a design in 1969 (I know this because I looked it up a few months ago). The one side of the heart is the signature Tiffany Blue and the other side is the “return to Tiffany” logo.. Last year he got me a Tiffany key necklace – so I told him it is official, and I get something new from Tiffany’s every Christmas!

This shocked me the most – every year Sephora comes out with their Blockbuster pallet. Jamie got me the 2012 edition. This is a guy who grabbed my arm and told me not to leave him alone in Coach. He has come such a long way!

I also got this awesome gag gift which was a plush farm, you open it up and there are barn animals. You squeeze the animal and it makes the corresponding sound – so cool right!!!

He also got me some candles!! Buttttttt I will feature them in my candle haul!

For Jamie I made him 3 photos, I got him one of the 2,000 copies of Jimmie Johnson’s coffee table book, I made him the coasters,  and I made him one spirit fingers mitt.





IMG_0065He loved them! I think they turned out really well! Of course, his were not watermarked. As for the mitt, he has been after me for (now) 3 winters to make him mitts. i get bored pretty easily so I am yet to succeed. However, it has become a joke between us. So I made him one single mitt and told him next year he may get the right hand.




Later in the day we went to my house and did presents from Jamie and I to my parents and sister, and Jamie got his gifts from them (christmas number 2). I may have gotten slightly drunk at dinner. I was in denial until christmas day my friend text me, and sure enough I sent her some photos of me the night before. Beauty.

Christmas Day I did presents with my parents (Christmas number 3). Afterwords I went to Jamies to do presents with his family (christmas 4). His mom made brunch for everyone which was delicious. She kind of spoils me too – I HATE eggs, so she will make me French Toast but eggs for everyone else.

After the activities at Jamie’s house we headed to Toronto for Christmas with my cousin and her family (Christmas number 5).

Desktop1We had a lot of fun, and it ended with me getting a pedicure by a 6 year old.

Lastly, Boxing day. We had my other cousin and her family over (Christmas number 6). I kind of failed there as I neglected to take any photos.

Over all Christmas was very very busy and a lot of fun! I still cannot believe it is over.




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