The Last Day of 2012

Another fresh new year is here, Another year to live! To banish worry, doubt, and fear, To love and laugh and give! – William Arthur Ward

2013 is officially here! I am pretty excited for it. I feel like 2012 was kind of just a ‘there’ year. There was nothing very momentous that occurred. I am blaming school for that. It was a hard time for school. I started in January 2011 and went right through until April 2012 without a break, just to start back in September. So when reflecting on my year, it was pretty much consumed with School, transferring programs, and a whole lot of work.

I am graduating in April (finally), but I am considering going back for 8 months to get a second diploma. Come graduation, I will be 9 credits away from a second diploma – 3 of which I can get online during the summer. So essentially from September-December I can get the other 6 credits resulting in an additional diploma…. Which means, I doubt there will be any BIG changes occurring until 2014. Yikes. Enough about school.

Jamie and I had a lot of fun last night for NYE.. We have never been one to really make a big deal over it.. Probably because of first NYE I finished 2L of wine in less than an hour, resulting in me being passed out by 8:30. Last year we just hung out with his parents.. So this year we planned to have another Low Key NYE.

I We wanted to get 2 bottles of wine. I was hoping to get something different to try, so earlier yesterday morning I did my research. We wanted Cupcake Red Velvet for sure (its a California Red), the issue though, is that its always sold out. The LCBO website is awesome and shows you the inventory list. The liquor store farthest away from me happened to have 5 in stock. I made sure to leave my house by 8:20 to get there and grab one.

IMG_0070I managed to hit every green light on the way there, so I made in like 15 minutes, meaning I had to wait 25 minutes for them to open. The parking lot was completely empty, so I was unable to people watch. I tweeted and read a little bit while listening to Kenny Chesney. Some cars started to pile in, mostly for the McDonalds breakfast – or so it seemed. I waited and waited, then finally it was like 8:58 and I headed towards the door…. I waited for about 2 minutes, and then I noticed it…..

IMG_0071IMG_0072Yeah, thats right. They didn’t open until 10. It was pretty embarrassing. I am sure the people stocking were laughing at me… and then watched as I took a photo of the sign… I didn’t really think that through. I got in my car and decided to head home. I took this awesome photo and then realized, by the time I get home I will have to turn around. SO, back to the parking lot I went. I sat there and essentially just read until they opened. Thank god for iBooks. Thank you Apple!!! After waiting like an hour and a half, my 8 minute shopping trip was over.  I headed home and waited for Jamie to finish work. He finally came to get me and we went to pick up chinese. Yes, we went without even calling. MISTAKE.

IMG_0075It was PACKED in there. I mean, PACKED. It was our first time there, and we didnt realize it wasnt a buffet where you can order take out. It was strictly take out. We looked at the menu, got slightly confused and then felt rushed to order. We ordered two dinners thinking we were getting a good variety. We were told the wait would be about 20-25 minutes. Cool, not bad at all (keep in mind this was around 4:30). We did not get our food until 5:10, so we had to wait a bit more than 20 minutes. In the almost-hour we were there, the wait went from 20 minutes to an hour and a half.. It was like a revolving door of people coming in to order, and the smart people who called ahead were there picking up their food. Eventually we got it and heading home to eat it and drink some wine.

IMG_0076As I mentioned, we thought our two dinners consisted of a good variety. It was so yummy, but essentially the same thing. Both had rice and an eggroll, one had sweet and sour chicken – the other was sweet and sour pork, and one had pepper steak – where the other had steak and vegetable. Nonetheless it was a lot of food and incredibly filling.

IMG_0077The wine started and it was delicious. We went upstairs and talked with Jamie’s mom for a bit while watching the news, wheel of fortune and jeopardy. Her and I had a lot of fun making fun of people on TV – especially the people on commercials. It was like we were feeding off each other and just kept going and going. I am not a nice person at all. I love going to bed early. I could feel like I was getting tired, and at the time I thought the best thing to cure it, was to finish the bottle of Red wine. Haha. Yeah, not only were my legs like rubber but it was making me even more tired. I found the photo on my phone this morning. No one likes having an empty glass!IMG_0078

Not only did I find it on my photo album, but I also text it to a few friends, tweeted it, and instagramed it. Note to Self – Never drink with your cell phone.

Then… Well.. I was asleep on the couch by 9. Jamie woke me up at 12…for the third year in a row. Prior to going to bed, this was the Kik conversation I had with my mom


I am such a party animal.


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