Breakfast? Brunch? Lunch?

“One should eat to live, not live to eat.” – Moliere

After being on Christmas break for a very rewarding 21 days, today is my first day back for the 15 week countdown until graduation. I am surprisingly very pleased with my timetable (Monday 12-2, Wednesday 12:30-3:30, Friday 11-12) – I feel like it is like “play group” hours. But although there is not a lot of in class time, there will be a ton of homework.

Going back to school only means one thing – my eating routines suck. I hate breakfast, there is nothing appealing about it at all. I am also a weird eater, I dont like eating lunch after 1:00 as I feel like dinner is right around the corner. So yes, some days I only eat dinner. I know that isnt the healthiest thing, but it works for me.

IMG_0012I made this for my lunch today, which I am eating around 10 AM, which for most people is breakfast or even brunch. It is just a simple sad with red onion, cherry tomatoes, one apple, cucumber and some feta cheese. It is absolutely delicious. However, as I am lactose intolerant, I am hoping that I wont get a stomach ache from the Feta. I kept it pretty minimal to reduce the risk, but who knows. Was it worth it? As of right now – YES.

I might stop and pick up a Luna Bar which I can munch on during class. yeah, yeah, I know they are full of sugar, but hey, it works..


IMG_0013As for dressing I made a simple Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, grape jelly and hot pepper flakes. Just mixed it all together. It was tangy, sweet and spicy. Amazing! The picture looks a little wonky, it definitely was not that thick!



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