Cold Sunday

“I’m going to marry a Jewish woman because I like the idea of getting up Sunday morning and going to the deli.” – Michael J. Fox

IMG_0002We woke up to quite the snowfall this weekend. Although it was not a whole lot, it was enough to cover the satellite dish. The sky stayed as gray as in the photo pretty much all day, so I am sure you can imagine that it was also pretty cold, and windy. There is nothing worse than having snow (so its already cold), overcast with a gross snow/rain mixture, then to top the whole thing off with wind. It is horrible – and totally not cute for any type of hair – especially mine.

IMG_0003After a few coffees and Jamie finished cleaning the basement and I watched helped supervised we got ready to go to my house for dinner. Jamie and my dad usually watches football or any other sport that is on, and then we all have dinner. It was pretty snowy when we were leaving and I HATE stepping in snow – my toes get cold. So Jamie, so kindly made a path to the passenger side of his truck for me so I didn’t have to get wet, or cold.

IMG_0004The truck was freezing. The seats were so cold they didnt move when you sat down. It was rock hard. The snow was too thick for the wipers so Jamie put the defrost on and had to brush. So, I was left in the hard, freezing cold truck with cold air blowing on me since the engine was cold – BUT since the defrost was on it was also blowing snow on me. Thinking back, I think it would have been warmed if I waited outside – or better yet, in his house.

When we got to my house I was feeling slightly left out, or like I was bothersome to Jamie and my sister. Jamie was on his iPad, Cristina on her laptop, both with headphones in. I did not know what to make of that. Do I talk too much? I did not know what to make of it. Maybe they were trying to be respectful to everyone not having to listen to whatever they were listening to.. However, it gets rather lonely when you are the only one without headphone…
One thing which needs to be noted is that Jamie is wearing socks! He never wears socks. He will to work, and then when hes done, off they come. I am actually surprised to see him with socks on!
IMG_0008My WoodWick is nearly finished which is pretty sad. I love my WoodWick. The even burn, the strong scent, the crackling – everything. The jar it is in is really pretty also. I think when it is finished I am going to boiled the jar to get rid of any residue, clean it up, remove the labels and use it to hold my face pads for my toner. I think it may turn out to be pretty cute!

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