What’s in my Purse?

“You’re never too fat for a new purse.” – Nia Vardalos

I thought this would be a fun little post on what is in my purse. I feel like there is this huge secret around women and what they keep in their purse. You often wonder what is kept in there, but you would not dare to go through someone else’s.

I felt like today would be a good day for me to do it, as mine is getting out of hand now. I am having a hard time opening and closing it from the amount of junk stuff, which I am too lazy to throw out must have in there.

So, let’s get started. Welcome to my my purse.

Untitled-3I have a Coach “signature cross body ivory” purse (although I removed the cross body scrap). I have had if for a long time – like 2 years? I love it, although, as you can see, it is pretty compact. I think my next one will be larger.

You can see the mess when you immediately look open it up. Mostly full of papers. It is a lot larger than it looks – especially when I remove all the junk stuff and display it. Yes, that giant pile all fit in that little purse. Small but mighty – just like me!


I tried to organize each photo the best I could.

The top photo is everything with I use (my favourite pen, it is by BIC and has the reaction, my inhaler – but I believe it is empty, Pink Sugar Sensual roller ball perfume, tampons, nail file, lip stick and gloss by MAC, EOS lip balm in Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea hand lotion for Bath and Body Works, 3 hair ties, and 2 bobby pins).

The middle photo is all of the papers, receipts and garbage (which includes empty allergy pills, and an empty bottle which used to hold my amoxicillin, and a bank statement) which I feel the need to lug around.

The third picture is of the wet-naps which I keep in a pocket. You never know when you will need a wet-nap.

Moving to the bottom two photos. I don’t actually have a wallet. I don’t like them. I use 2 coach wristlets, which allow me to keep my cards/money organized by what I use/don’t use, and they are simple to just pull one out and go incase I don’t want to take my purse.

The purple wristlet (Jamie actually bought me!), I use this for my money and my essential cards. I use this wristlet if I am just taking it on the go. It has cash, my debit card and visa (in this photo my debit card is actually in my car…), Drivers license, and health card. I also put gift cards in here as I consider them cash. For anyone wondering, those are Canadian Loonie and Toonie (worth $1, and $2 respectively).

As for the last wristlet, it is the cards which are not used on a daily basis. They include Jamie’s debit card (I forgot to give that back to him), Chapters loyalty card, Sephora Loyalty card, Jamie’s moms CosmoProf card, Social Insurance, Old CAA health Insurance from when Jamie and I went to the States, empty shoppers gift card, cultures loyalty card, empty starbucks card, expired subway card, empty visa gift card, gift card to the mall (which i JUST learned has money left on it), student card, empty AmEx, Pizza hut thing from when they screwed up our order, and 2 other empty AmEx

Yeah… I need to clean.

IMG_0022OHHH, lastly, as I am sure someone will wonder. The MAC lip products are: “Ultra Darling” lipstick and “Partial to pink” Dazzle Glass


8 thoughts on “What’s in my Purse?

    • Thanks! The sad thing was that I was looking at it like an opportunity to clean up.. But after I took the photos I had to get to school, so instead of cleaning I shoved everything back in and headed out the door.. A task for another day!

  1. Now I feel so much better about my own purse! Everyone says I lug around so much, but it’s really all practical stuff. I have my wallet with cards and ID. Then there’s my nail care set (I can’t stand jagged, broken nails, so this keeps me sane). My phone usually travels in my purse too. Then there’s a few receipts (yup, those have to get cleaned out regularly), some change just tossed in at the bottom, and generally a water bottle and a couple of granola bars or something of the like. We need to have something on hand in case my blood sugar drops or the kids get hungry. Surprisingly, that’s about it. Occasionally a hair thing will end up in there, either a band or a scarf or whatever. Sometimes my shoes are stuffed in there to go along for the ride, but that’s about it! And after all of this I have a massive purse. Maybe I should consider downsizing.

      • Yes, the arm workout is amazing. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I might just combine my purse and the diaper bag, that way I have everything in one place. After all, when I take the stuff out of the diaper bag it makes an awesome shopping bag for short trips too. That’s so much more practical! Of course, my diaper bag doesn’t look like your typical diaper bag. It looks more like a market bag anyway!

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