ABC’s of Me

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best” – Marilyn Monroe

I have seen different versions of this floating around for awhile now. I decided to take a few of the different versions and mash my favourite ones together. It was actually a lot of fun. I really enjoying doing/reading these kind of things! If you do it too please leave it in the comments so I can go check it out!!!

ABC’s of Me!


A. Age: 20!
21 In June!

B. Bed Size:

C. Currently Reading:
Motorcycle Man! I just finished the Shadowland Series!

D. Dog:
I don’t have a dog. I have two cats, Hunny and Jelly (you can read about them here on my mom’s blog). Jamie has two dogs though! Ryder, and Jasper!

E. Essential item you use every day:
iPhone (I have the iPhone 5 in black – white was sold out), and my laptop

F: Favourite TV show of the moment:

G: Gold or Silver:
Definitely silver. Unless it is white gold. I just loath that yellow gold colour. Oh and rose gold is really pretty – especially in a watch form, by Michael Kors

H: Height:
5 feet 0 inches. Refrain from laughing.. Jamie says I am “Vertically Challenged” or “compact size”

I. Ice cream flavor of choice:
Cookie Dough

J: Juggle:
I can’t even catch one ball, let alone more.

K: Kids:
God no.

L: Last place you ate:
My kitchen

M: Milkshake flavor:
Not a fan of milkshakes. They are thick and gross and you have to struggle to drink it. Why not just get ice cream? Why ruin a good thing?…. Oh I am also lactose intolerant

N: Nickname:
Jules, and Jamie calls me “Monkey”

O: Overnight hospital stay:
Never. Although I do have a good hospital. I should do a post on that now that I think of it… Stay Tuned.

P: Pet Peeve:
I have way too many to name.. Being tickled, loud chewers, people who wear Birkenstocks with socks, people who pick their nose in their car at a red light, unintelligent conversation, people who wear shorts in the winter and complain about the cold, people in lineups who try to make conversation, people who cannot pronounce “JuliA” it’s “jew-lee-uh” no “jew-lee” or “jool-ya”. I will stop the list here.

Q: Quote:
Refer to here

R: Righty or lefty:
Both at times. Write with my Right, I knit and crochet, eat, and do pretty much everything else left.

S: Siblings:
One “little” sister, Cristina. She’s like 8-9 inches taller than me though. It’s okay, I use her to get things from the top shelf.

T: Time you woke up:
6:00 AM

U: Underwear:
I found this question strange. Who wants to know this? Really…

V: Vegetable you love:
Sweet potato, zucchini, squash, turnip, eggplant, list goes on.

W: Worst habit:
I am so afraid of being late, I will leave 30 minutes before the time I actually have to leave. And then I will just sit in the parking lot pissed off.

X: X-rays you’ve had:
Teeth and chest.. Asthma is the silent killer

Y: Yummy food you make:
I am not going to lie, I am a pretty good cook! So, everything? Or is that too egocentric?

Z: Zoo animal of choice:
This is the toughest question. In no particular order I love monkeys, penguins, sloths, flamingos, tigers, polar bears, pygmy hippopotamus, flamingos, koalas, gorillas, giraffe, and spotted hyena.
Barn animals are easy though. I LOVE donkeys. I think they are so cute. Cows are pretty awesome also, along with goats, and pigs. I pet a goat at a wedding once. I named him Billy.


6 thoughts on “ABC’s of Me

    • I think part of it, is due to the fact that yellow gold is very ’80s’, and since people seem to want to bring the 80s back, there are a lot of toy jewelry in that colour – to me it looks cheap,

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