Starbucks, hunger strike, and shopping

“Starbucks represents something beyond a cup of coffee.” – Howard Schultz


Happy Monday everyone! I had a pretty busy day today! Maybe not over the top, but there were a few stops I made in a short amount of time. I wanted to stop by the mall to look at the Spring 2013 Bath and Body Works collection – mainly the candles..

As I was getting ready to leave my mom asked me if I could stop at Walmart and return some cat food she bought. Apparently our cats did not like it, so they decided to go on a hunger strike. As we clearly cater to the cats, we needed to return. I was texting my sister while I was there, and as you can read in the photo above, it was a rather interesting conversation. I am not sure what she was thinking was going on – specifically, who’s cats  I would be referring to. I also sent Jamie the same text message, which response was on the completely different end of the spectrum – he was concerned whether or not I was at school.

Prior to going to school (after the exchange) I stopped at Starbucks. Starbucks is my perfect place. I will go in there with my laptop, sip drinks and take in the atmosphere all day. I love it! I have my select favourite drinks and sometimes struggle to choose between them. I decided to get a Venti Passion Tea Lemonade, 4 Pumps Raspberry, 2 pumps classic, Easy ice. It was absolutely delicious. I even surprised myself and got a yogurt and granola parfait. I hate yogurt, but I have heard great things about them. I gave it a try and it was “okay”. It was good for a little substance before class. It will never be a daily/weekly thing though, I didnt enjoy it THAT much.

Bath and Body Works released their spring collection today which I had been anticipating for the past week – they’re 75% off sale just didn’t end! I went, and I was the only person in the store smelling all the candles and trying to make my picks. I was not as excited with them as I hoped I would be. I am beyond thrilled I did not order online after smelling some of the ones I would have purchased. I am pretty excited with my little haul.

IMG_0030I purchased 2 aromatherapy candles (they were still in the semi-annual-never-ending-sale). I got a stress relief (In vanilla verbena), and the sensual in (black current vanilla). I have an unlit black current vanilla – but I remember my mom saying that she really liked it, so since it was on clearance, why not pick it up? From the spring collection I only purchased 2 large (Pink Sangria and Tiki Beach). They would probably be my favourite – hence the 3 wick. I only purchased 6 smaller candles (Palm Beach Cooler, Peach Bellini, Coconut Leaves, White Barn no3 Renew and Refresh, Honeysuckle, and Green Grass). I am the most uncertain about the Palm Beach Cooler. I would have loved to get Green Grass in a 3-wick but they didn’t have any out and I was on a time restraint to get to school. Lastly, I purchased 4 candles on clearance 1 small (Twilight Woods) and 3 mini (Cotton, Pineapple Mango, and Frosted Cupcake).

I am officially DONE purchasing candles until the summer collection. I have 29 candles sitting patiently to be lit. I believe I will be set for a little while now!


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