My Bedroom Tour

“My bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s like a refuge, and it’s where I do a fair amount of designing – at least conceptually, if not literally.” – Vera Wang
Last weekend I found myself in a bit of a rut. I wanted to update my bedroom. My mom and I spent a full weekend getting to just how I wanted it ….. When I was 16. As much as I still love it, I wouldn’t mind a change. This comes with a slight issue though. I graduate college in April, meaning, I will probably be leaving soon. I feel like it is a waste of money, the minute I paint, there goes my comforter, lighting and everything else in order to match the ‘new’ room.
I have complied photos of my room in hopes some of your very smart people can give me a few ideas. It will give you the opportunity to see what I have to work with!
It was hard to take a photo of the overview, so I made this 2D and 3D layout of my bedroom for those who need to visualize it. My room is by NO MEANS large, it is pretty small, and I have big bulky furniture (queen size bed, bookshelf, stand mirror, desk, dresser, vanity)
overviewThis is the over view of my bedroom. The view from the door, the opposing corner, the “hidden” corner, and a close up of the circles. We actually used 3 different sized mixing bowls to trace on the circles. Large – brown, medium – dark pink, small – yellow.
bedvanityI complied the photos from right to left, starting with the first thing you would directly see when you walk into my room – my bed. Jamie bought me the “little monkey” for our first christmas together – he calls me “monkey”. The first thing beside my bed is my vanity, which has a filing thing. I use it for my vast collection of every single scent of hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, along with lotions, body wash, soaps, and other things from Bath and Body. Moving to my vanity, it is an organized mess. It hold the rest of my Bath and Body products, hair products, and nail polishes which did not fit into my nail polish rack.
My dresser is interesting. It is on the adjacent corner that the vanity is on. On the same wall that the vanity is on, looking onto the dresser, I have this board that houses photos of Jamie and I, mainly our ‘travels’. The plate holding my Tiffany and Co. boxes and pouches, I actually decorated, and baked. Fun and cheap little art project! (Dollar store plate, sharpie marker, 350 degree oven for 30 minutes). My dresser also holds random things like belly rings, my barn yard friends, and other miscellaneous items.
deskOn the opposite corner of the dresser I have a desk. It pretty much just holds my every day make-up. I also have a bottle of Malibu and cups for jello shooters. You never know when you need to make a jello shooter. Under the desk – I am almost certain it gives my OCD mom a heart attack when she walks in – is all my knitting stuff. Bags upon bags upon boxes upon boxes.
polishwindowOn the adjacent corner I have my full body mirror, with my nail polish rack leaning on it. It is supposed to hand on the wall, but that thing is SO heavy, I am afraid to hang it. Beside the mirror is my closet door which I hang an extra Coach wristlet (Madison Collection) from it. I forgot the wind. It separates the dresser from the desk.
miscEnding with a few miscellaneous item, I have a book shelf which essentially just holds school work and my Gilmore Girls DVD boxed set, and the OC DVD boxed set. On top of it I have all my perfumes and body sprays. It is difficult to see it, but the crystals hanging from my chandelier almost perfectly match the pink on my walls. Lastly, I forgot to show this with my vanity – I store my makeup brushes in this wooden holder.
That is my room. That is what I have to work with. I would love some ideas!!!!

3 thoughts on “My Bedroom Tour

  1. what if you would keep the pink and yellow but go more funky. i personally wouldn’t want my room permanately done in funky but like you said you’ll only be in there another few months, it would be a nice change up. our house is a mix of funky and classy and i love it all! you could go with green, sparkly curtains and a bright blue rug. add a couple bright pillows on your bed for extra measure. you could also paint your doors black to ground it. 🙂 anyway. disregard this if it totally isn’t you but thanx for the opportunity to dream a lil!

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