A Typical Dinner

“Ask your child what he wants for dinner only if he’s buying.” – Fran Lebowitz

Dinners in our house are usually pretty interesting – especially if my mom is trying a new recipe. A few months ago a new recipe was exciting.. Now it is more like a job – which poses for an interesting dinner table dynamic.

You see, my mom likes blogging about new recipes we try. It is not all the time, however, when it is she makes a career out of trying to get the perfect photo for her blog. I see her point; there is nothing worse than looking for a recipe and the photo is giving off a green hue – who is going to try that?…

Last night Jamie barbecued some boxed hamburgers and we had frozen french fries. Nothing special. However, my mom also made a new recipe coleslaw. So I decided to document what our typical dinner is like when there is a new recipe to try out.

dinnerFinally, after she was finished taking photos, I compared Jamie’s *almost* finished plate, to her, just starting to build her hamburger.

comparisonIf you were interested in this coleslaw recipe (or even to see how her photo turned out) you can get it here. 




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