My “Brother”

“There is only one difference between a long life and a good dinner: that, in the dinner, the sweets come last.” – Robert Louis Stevenson



Tonight, as is every Friday, was Date Night. Jamie and I go to the same place every week, have the same waitress, and don’t even require menus. We usually get there around 4:00 so it is generally incredibly quiet. Tonight however, we struggled to find a parking spot. It was packed.

When we got inside we were told there is a hockey tournament in town. As you all know, I HATE sports. Hate them, don’t care about them. Jamie’s interest was peeked – obviously. He did research and essentially told me the break down – which I essentially just nodded with a “wtf are you telling me” look.

Later on, a couple sits across from us. By a couple I mean 2 people on a blind date (the woman actually wore track pants and a hoody). Anyway, the man become infatuated with this hockey tournament and believed these guys played minor hockey. Our whole dinner consumed of listening to him talk about these hockey teams. On the way out I could not help but talk to him and inform him what was really going on.

This was the conversation,

Me: Hi there, I am sorry, I couldnt help but over hear you wonder about the hockey teams
Him: Yeah!! Who are they?
Me: There is a hockey tournament in town until the 19th, they are in the Mens Midget league, so they are 15-18. It is pretty big. My brother actually played in the tournament 3 years in a row a couple years ago.
Him: No way! That is awesome. I thought they looked a little young to be Minor league players
Me: Thats funny you say that, last year the tournament was the cause of 20 players being drafted. It is pretty big, it used to be sponsored by Century 21. Anyways, I will leave you two to your dinner! Enjoy!

…….. I don’t have a brother.


5 thoughts on “My “Brother”

      • Last night I witnessed a very awkward date, too. The guy had braces, too, and very closely resembled Napoleon Dynamite (minus the hair). She was a little less nerdy than him and was a bit on the heavy side and wearing a VERY short skirt. As they were talking, he kept putting his hands on her upper thighs as if there was no one else in the bar. It was super awkward. Maybe more for me than them.

      • oh no, I hate those moments! There is nothing worse than other people’s behavior making you feel awkward yet they are okay with it!
        My cousin was telling me about a co-worker that she has, and her and her husband who are nudists. Long story short, they had the office over for dinner (they were clothed) but there were naked photos of them all over the house

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