The Time I was “Featured” on My Strange Addiction

“Whether you sniff it smoke it eat it or shove it up your ass the result is the same: addiction.” – William S. Burroughs



Have you ever entered a contest for something knowing you were not going to win? Yeah, I did that once. Almost a year ago now, when TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” was in its prime, or plateauing I suppose. They would have weekly ‘contests’ on Twitter. Essentially you had to tweet them a photo of your ‘strange addiction’ with the hashtag, along with a photo. I was unaware of this contest for 3 weeks, until I randomly saw it one night. I was wearing my pink flannel adult onesies. So I figured, why not jokingly send in a photo.. At the end of the week, I see this.

onesieI go check out the link, and lone behold, there I am.

onesie1I had to supply them with my  mailing address, and I received a gift card in the mail. Along with the gift card, I also received a congratulatory letter – I think they were essentially thanking me for being their “freak of the week”.




11 thoughts on “The Time I was “Featured” on My Strange Addiction

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  4. Hahahaha I just laughed out loud at this. My co-workers gave me a really weird look. (It’s kind of a slow morning). I used to LOVE watching this show. My favorite was the person who ate ceramic pottery. Like what?! Who does that. Onsie’s aren’t that weird! I have a really warm one that I wear when I go out snowmobiling. It’s so warm under all my snow gear! I guess I’m just strange too 😉

    • Ew! pottery? What!!! would they have to smash it up and eat the little pieces. I thing the adult baby was probably the weirdest one for me. That and the woman who drinks bleach. I can’t imagine that tasting good, or not burning. Ew.

      • Yeah it was weird. I did see the baby one, people are…interesting I guess I will say haha. I would think drinking bleach would kill you! I did also see one where this guy was obsessed/in love with his plastic blow up doll. That’s such a creepy fetish.

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