Missing The Sun

“For me it’s a beach bar, or on a boat underneath the stars, or with my band up on a stage, for a while everything’s okay… And everybody has their way, somehow to escape Reality, yeah, sometimes life ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be. So let’s take a chance and live this fantasy, ’cause everybody needs to break free from reality” – Kenny Chesney “Reality”


fgdfgIt is absolutely freezing outside today. We are having a bit of a snow storm – Although it was very hard to pick it up on camera – that the iPhone for you. All the local school busses are cancelled due to freezing rain, and Environment Canada has released a freezing rain warning… The “True North’s” version of a tornado warning, minus the sirens, hiding, etc. Oh, an everything is still open. So I guess it is nothing like a tornado warning.

sdfdSo I am currently bundled up under my electric heated blanket (Best present EVER), with my pj bottoms, with thermal socks and leg warmers, and a tank tap and a chunky sweater. So I am nice and warm! I am dreading going to school this afternoon and having to a) venture outside in the cold… but most importantly b) having to scrape my car off after class… Oh well. As I have mentioned (I think) I am currently in “International Trade”, so we have Mexican, Indian, Korean, Chinese, and Brazilian exchange students (it is not as much as you would think. There are only 20 people in my program – 2 Mexican, 2 Indian, 1 Korean, 1 Chinese, 1 Brazilian – the rest Canadian).. Anyways, I feel bad for those guys, as they were freezing in September, I cannot imagine how cold they must find it now.

I am also a huge Kenny Chesney fan, LOVE him, he is definitely my Country Star Husband. The only thing that sucks about him is that he loves to sing about the beach and warm weather; I get really into it, then I look outside and have a harsh reality. Then, I saw these photos from the time I went to Los Cabos San Lucas – or more popular known as Cabo..

Untitled-5I went almost 3 years ago now. It was absolutely beautiful. It was hot but it was not humid which – for an asthmatic with awful sinuses – yeah it was perfect. The colours were so vibrant! The only thing which wasn’t fun was the fact that the big Tijuana earthquake was the week before we left – SO we were advised not to go into the ocean as they were experiencing the aftermath. We did go snorkeling one day, however they took us about 45 minutes out to a “low wave” area. HAHA, yeah, definitely NOT “low waves” especially after an day full of alcohol. A pool noodle is not the safest thing.

From the bus ride from the airport to the resort we passed a Walmart, I became a little infatuated. All week I said the one thing I wanted to do (besides parasail) was go to Walmart. So the day which we went snorkeling we made a pit stop at Walmart, and interestingly enough there was a McDonalds there also – so yes, I totally had a big mac! Anywyas, the photo in the middle is with me and the Walmart staff. I asked them for a photo which they declined as they were “in their uniforms” (isn’t that the point of my photo? haha) the manager came over and gathered them all up and found me a bench to sit on. When I came home I had people tell me that if it wasn’t for my bright green shirt, they wouldn’t have found me as I was as tanned as they were. Thank you European blood!

It is definitely days like today where I miss the warmth of Cabo! So, I am under my electric heated blanket, I just painted my nails “Rich and Famous” by China Glaze, I have left over coconut milk from a recipe, so maybe tonight I will make a pina colada and telepath myself back to the beach.



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