My Celebrity Look Alike

“Cause when you’re a celebrity, it’s adios reality. You can act just like a fool, people think you’re cool, just ’cause you’re on TV. I can throw a major fit, when my latte isn’t just how I like it. when they say I’ve gone insane, I’ll blame it on the fame and the pressures that go with being a celebrity” – Brad Paisley “Celebrity”


So yesterday afternoon I was pretty bored so one thing led to another and I wanted to see who my celebrity look alike is. I ended up doing two different photos of myself for a better representation.

take1 If we are being honest, I did the second one after my shock of “looking like” Mel Gibson. Sorry Mel, I am NOT okay with that. Although, my second one was not much better.

take2Lance Bass??? Really?? Really??!?! After my shock I decided to do my mom since we look alike.

take4She had some pretty decent people, although again, not too sure about Ben Stiller. Finally, I decided to Jamie…

take3This one was good. I will definitely take Jake Gyllenhaal and Dermot Mulroney. I got greedy though and did a final one. I should not have done this…

take4If 50 Cent and Charles Mason were not already BAD, He too looks like Lance Bass? Do we look alike? I am frightened now…

Who is your celebrity look alike?? Was it just as bad as us??






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