The Baby Name Game!

“Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry.” – Bill Cosby


Do you like names? I love names, especially unique ones. There was this game which I saw going around on YouTube almost a year ago now, where you pick your top names for both genders with the corresponding name in the alphabet. It does not mean you would actually name someone that, but it is your favourite name for that letter.. I mean, U names? Really hard to find a nice one that I like, and there is no way I could name anyone that. But it is still a lot of fun to play. Jamie and I have even played a few times. It is interesting to me the names which make the list every time and names which only make one appearance.

Here is my current favourite list! I have girl names before the forward slash, and boys after. The girl names which I would use are in this colour, boy names this colour, middle names only are in this colour and for boys this colour. Black is for names I would not use. As you can tell, I favor very unique and unpopular names!


Aubrey, Anastasia / Atticus
Belle / Baron
Clarissa / Caleb
Dana, Daphne / Dawson
Evalina (ev [short e] uh-lee-na), Emmaline / Emmett
Francesca / Fabian
Genevieve / Gabriel
Hazel / Henry
Isadora, Isla / Ivan
Julianna, Juliette / Jaxson
Kalia (ka [rhymes with ta] – lee – ah) / Kai (rhymes with tie)
Livianna / Leo, Lorenzo
Melina, Madeline, Madeleine / Matteo
Nora / Nolan
Ophelia / Oliver
Phoebe / Pierce
Quincy / Quinn
Rhea / Rhys
Serafina / Sawyer
Therese / Theron
Ula / Ulric
Valentina / Victor
Willow / Walden
Xara / Xavier
Yera / Yale
Zara / Zander

What names do you like? Let me know if you play the game!!!


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