Two On Tuesday

Gel pen: noun –a smooth-writing pen that uses a pigmented, gel-based ink.


5. Every time Occasionally when I am driving, I truly believe I am the lead singer in whatever I am listening to. If the music is loud, I am generally screaming along to the song. I have been at a red light and people look at me like I am crazy. I guess they are just unaware that I am actually in the band.

6. I used to collect gel pens. Scented, multicoloured, glitter, metallic, all types of them. I mean, I was OBSESSED, with gel pens. They were the coolest thing ever, especially since I was in grade 4 and we were only allowed to use pencil, it was definitely a great investment. I was so addicted that I had a lineup of all the pens I was going to get. Come to think of it, I had so many of them I would tend to want to use them all at once… I think this is where my colour coded addiction has stemmed from… Oh, and I hate using gel pens now, it must be ballpoint.

Week One
1. I am love pimples
2. I obsess over UPS

Week Two:
3. I hate dried fruit – Kind of.
4. I am addicted to coloured pens.


5 thoughts on “Two On Tuesday

  1. Okay, I love that ecard! You have to come see my WTF Friday series! I spend the post on Friday bitching about… everything. It’s a good way to kiss a shite week goodbye! And I am a colored-pen freak, too. I will cut of my child’s fingers if I find them pilfering my pens. (Not really.)

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