I Believe In…..

“I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind.” – Albert Einstein


I have seen numerous people do posts on “what they believe in”, a spinoff of Audrey’s famous quote. Yeah, Audrey and I are on a first name basis. We are bonded by our love for Tiffanys.. Anyways, I thought I would do my spin on this popular post..


I Believe in Starbucks.


Lots of Starbucks! I believe any day, good or bad, can instantly become better with just the aroma alone, of walking into Starbucks.

I believe in having a best friend who also works at Starbucks. This will bond your friendship together more than anything. A shared addiction is healthy… And she will be able to tell you all the new amazing drinks you must try.

I believe in drinks. All drinks.. There is nothing more enjoyable the sitting outside on a summer evening and enjoying 1, 2, 3, 4, so have you, drinks to quench your thirst.


I believe in wearing PJ’s at all times which you are NOT out in public.
my lifeI believe in taking photos of people while they are doing something which you would classify as “weird”. I believe you should not feel bad about doing this.


I believe if you are doing something weird also, you should be aware that your picture will be taken.


I believe in having a best friend who will post your poetic conversations to both Instagram and Twitter.


I believe in always having your nails done. You can never have enough nail polish. You can never change your polish colour enough. A high-gloss topcoat can make any polish look beautiful.


I believe in being able to have the ability to make things yourself. I believe nothing is as good as something you made yourself. I believe in knitting until you knit so much you suffered a muscle strain to the point where it aches to do it anymore.


I believe in homemade desserts. Homemade fruit desserts are even better. Store bought desserts are good too. I just believe in dessert.


I believe in taking a dog for a walk on a cold day in the fall to get a cute photo.


I believe in taking photos to show off new clothes


I believe in learning to say ‘NO’, especially when it comes to sport keeping during a very hot day. I believe in crying during the night from the sun burn being so bad it effects your muscles. I believe in saying “NO” even more when you are on a 5 hour flight 2 days after the event.


I believe in not hiding your boredom, even if your photo is being taken. Embrace the boredom.


I believe in giving and taking, especially when it comes to sports.


I believe in forcing people to take pictures when they do not want to. I do not believe in having a photo forced on you.


I believe in going to bookstores and taking photos of recipes from cookbooks without buying the whole book. I believe I am a rebel.


I believe in taking screen captions on important dates/times. (11:11, on 11,11,11)


Lastly, I believe that if little Jasper was a human, he would be an exhibitionist.



What do you believe in?


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