The Concert That Would Have Been

“It’s hard to get concert tickets.” – John Hawkes

Roughly 3 or 4 months ago, our local country radio station was giving away Eric Church concert tickets. Jamie and I tried religiously to be caller 12 – with low expectations (I was in  – and lost – a draw for a meet and greet with Brad Paisley). Anyways, one morning, Jamie was caller 12! As he was driving and it’s illegal to drive and talk, I took the phone and answered all the questions. A few weeks later they called and said the tickets arrived. We were pretty exited, went and picked them up, and waiting the 3 months until the concert – which was last Friday (the 15th).

We left after Jamie finished work and headed to the concert.. Then this happened.

Untitled-2To summarize that up.. We were barely out of town and Jamie’s tire blew up. I was completely oblivious – but I also was not driving. I called home as I briefly remember having a discussion with her about how stupid it was to pay for CAA as we never use it – oops!… She told me that my dad was on his way to meet us as he had to be the one to call. He showed up, called, and and 45 minutes later CAA showed up. He was unable to get the spare off. Apparently on trucks it is common for the tire holder thingy to seize up. The truck had to be towed to Canadian Tire in hopes that 1) they could get it off 2) they have tires to purchase.. It was evident at this point that we would not be making the concert. On the way to Canadian Tire I sent a text to my friend seeing if she wanted the tickets. I would rather have someone take them, then it go to waste. She never answered me which was strange, so I sent a text to her sister who informed me she was at work – so I offered (and she gratefully) took the tickets. We did the swap at CT, as we waited for my dad, the tow truck guy, and the truck to show up..

Finally the truck came and that is when things started to spiral down. We learned that Jamie’s truck tires are bigger than the standard ones, and that they do not carry those ones – great. Then, we learned that they would have to be ordered in, and that it would take 3-5 days to be delivered. Today  (Monday) is a holiday, so they would not be able to order the tires until Tuesday – perfect. Then we learned it was some ridiculous price of like $315/each… Jamie told them to do whatever they could to get the spare off. At this point we had no idea if it was a full size tire, or just a  little one, which will have to make due until the new tires come. After they welded this tire off (thankfully for Jamie) it was a full size tire, and his rim was fine…

Jamie tweeted about the event:

UntitledLater that night we got to see photos of what would have been our pretty great seats.


It was definitely a night we were not anticipating.


Was your Friday night better?


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