Two On Tuesday

“I’m lactose intolerant. I have no patience for lactose and I won’t stand for it.” – Jerry Seinfeld


7. Lactose Intolerant Journal. On my iphone, I keep a journal of when I get really bad lactose intolerant pains.. Not the minor ones which are tolerable, but the heaved over “I’m about to die” pains. The funny thing is, I am well aware I should stay away from dairy. Then when I am wishing to die, I ponder how I ended up in that situation – it’s not that I really had THAT much dairy.


8. I need earbuds in my ears. I have no idea why I do this, or what makes me do this. But a lot of the time while on my computer I have my earbuds in. No music going, not listening to anything, but I like the feeling of having the eadbuds in my ears. I must say, I was so happy when I got my iPhone 5 and they came with the new and improved earbuds – I can have them in longer without my ears starting to hurt.


Week One
1. I love pimples
2. I obsess over UPS

Week Two
3. I hate dried fruit – Kind of.
4. I am addicted to coloured pens.

Week Three
5. I am my own lead singer
6. Gel pen collection


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