The Time We Parked On The Highway

“Canada is one of the most impressive countries in the world” – Barack Obama
Have you ever looked at those “Meanwhile In Canada” photos? There is one of a highway with an overpass where someone “tagged” with graffiti which reads “Have A Nice Day”.. Or the one I like there is a car driving in winter and there is 20 feet of snow on each side? Love it.  I felt like Sunday morning was a typical “meanwhile in Canada” photo.
Jamie and I were on our way to Toronto to watch my cousin play hockey. It was snowing but nothing major. The roads were good, nothing bad. We were going 100 (KM, for those of you who would otherwise assume we were on the Autobahn) Then out of no where there was police car that had its lights flashing and brought traffic down to 40 (which is slower than a residential area speed limit). It was kind of weird as we had no idea what was going on. We did this for maybe 7 minutes until we found ourselves at a complete stop. We were able to see that we were at the front of whatever was going on, but still too far back to really see what the issue was.
What really stuck me as funny was how calm the whole situation was. Usually when you hear about a highway being closed and in park there seems to be a lot of chaos, honking and displeasure. If you looked around people were getting out of their vehicles. One guy changed his washer fluid, there was a woman who got a novel from her trunk (I just put my arm out of the window for a photo). We turned the radio on to hear what was going on. Thats when the “you know you are in Canada when..” happened. A car spun out so although no one was hurt, they closed the highway until salt trucks could come and salt some ice to prevent more cars in the ditch.
Yes, the did in fact take place 9 days after “The concert that would have been” so of course, I lost my “roll up the rim” cup –  Jamie did also. We truly have been having an eventful few weeks which is fantastic. This time last year we had the February Blues really really bad, so I will take it!

5 thoughts on “The Time We Parked On The Highway

  1. I miss Tim Hortons. It’s almost the only good thing about Canada. Except for PEI. I like PEI. Except I hate the guy that stole my bra and panties in PEI. He was a jerkfest. But I did like Tim Hortons…. mmmm blueberry donuts. Mmmmm.

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