Two On Tuesday


“Punctuality is the politeness of kings.” – Louis XVIII 

9. I have an obsession with being on time. This is something which is pretty serious, I will wake up a lot earlier than I need to in fear of sleeping in which will give me ample time to wait for the said time. I would much rather sit in my car for 45 minutes than show up 5 minutes late. If I have to be somewhere for 7, I will be ready for 5 in order to ensure that I will not be late. And do not keep me waiting! I hate waiting, especially when I can guarantee that I just waited in the parking lot for 45 minutes.

10. I have an obsession with different British Eras. I have no idea where this has stemmed from, maybe from my 3rd favourite movie “Kate and Leopold” but who really knows. I am in love with novels by Phillipa Gregory, I understand some people hate her books claiming that they are not accurate enough. Honestly, I think if you want an actuate historical book check out the “non-fiction” section, not a novel from “Historical Fiction”. I love the ideas of the royal balls, and the beautiful dresses and the dances and all of it. There is something magical about that which draws me in.


Week four
8. Lactose intolerant Journal
9. Earbud infatuation


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