“So You Think You Don’t Have An Accent?”

“The accent of one’s birthplace remains in the mind and in the heart as in one’s speech.” – Francois de La Rochefoucauld


I found this awesome post idea from Miss Jorie over at “The Midwest Mavin“. It consisted of numerous words where you have to describe how you say them, which will prove, to some people, that you have an accent.

I remember when I was in Mexico and I would speak. People would immediately ask me which part of Canada I was from. I had to laugh as I clearly do not think I have an accent. Most of them told me that my “politeness” gave it away. “Only” Canadians apologize when we hear something incorrectly. I guess that is the stereotype that goes along with living in a generally polite nation.

I had to laugh while reading what Jorie was saying. She is from Chicago, which I believe their accents are pretty neat. I find people from Chicago are very nasal-y. I had a teacher who was from Chicago and we would constantly try to speak like him. There are a few people who can no longer say “technology” without it sounding like “tech-NAL-ogy.

Anyways, let’s begin!


1. How do you pronounce Mary, marry, and merry?

This actually confused me. I say them all the same. I don’t understand how they would be said differently. I say mare-ee. The only other way I could figure out how it would be different is “merry” sounding like murray. But that seems weird to me.

2. Those things you sleep in: PaJAMas or pajaaahmas? 

Definitely PaJAMas. The other version seems very “proper”, “uppity” and “snobbish”..

3. How do you pronounce cot and caught?

Much like number 1, I am unsure how these would be pronounced differently. I say them the same, just like it looks. cot.

4. What do women to use to tie back their hair: rubber band, hair tie, elastic, hair thing, or other?

This is where I use different ones. Hair tie or hair elastic. Mostly “hair elastic” though… I think. Maybe “hair tie” more… Maybe 50/50…

5. The shoes you wear when you exercise: sneakers, tennis shoes, or gym shoes?

None of the above! Running shoes..

6. Soda, pop, or Coke?

Pop. Definitely Pop. Coke confused me again… Coke to me (besides cocaine) is a cola beverage. Would Sprite be considered Coke as it is a CocaCola Product? I don’t get this.

7. Lightning bug or firefly?

Firefly. I have never heard the term “Lightning Bug” until today.

8. How do you pronounce syrup?



You should really go check Jorie out! She even has the statistics on the commonly used words!
How do you pronounce the above words?





11 thoughts on ““So You Think You Don’t Have An Accent?”

  1. Mare-y, puh-jam-uhs, cot-caught the same, not sure what women use to tie back their hair, basketball shoes, usually soda, but sometimes pop, firefly, seer-up and I definitely have an accent, compared to the south or the northeast (US). But they have an accent to me. That’s what makes things so fun and miscommunicative!

  2. As a Yank married to a Brit, we are always “fighting” about words. We pronounce my name differently. He has converted my dad, after 28 years of calling me what I call myself, into calling me what my husband calls me. One of our kids says my name the way I do, the other says it the way my husband does. It is really a family controversy! I want to change my name now. (Name: fail.)

    My husband says “to-MAH-toes” and I say “to-MAY-toes.” We actually convinced my 8 year-old son that they were two different things. He would eat “to-MAH-toes” but NEVER “to-MAY-toes.”

  3. I’m from England so it made me laugh so much when you were like ‘they all sound the same….’ when I’m sitting there going ‘no! obviously its maaare-ee, mah-ree, and meh-rry’, and so on for every single one. Loving your blog by the way- as you saw on my blog, we’re hoping to move to Canada!

    • That is so funny!! One word which I notice is pronounced incredibly different is “aluminum”… I find people from the UK say it “aloo-min-ee-um” where here it is “a-loo-min-um”…Oh and oregano… I was watching a british cooking show and they pronounced it “or-eh-gone-oh” I had to spell it out and was like “ohhhh or-egg-in-oh”… Its definitely an interesting topic!!!!

      I am sure you will LOVE Canada. I definitely do. Mind you I am not from England, so I am partially shocked you want to leave. Where in Canada were you hoping to go?

  4. I guess it’s a grass is greener on the other side thing isn’t it- but I do find it funny when I see people saying ‘oh I wish I could visit England!’, when I’m sitting there going I want to see Canada and the US! We’re looking at Ontario (near Thunder Bay and Sault-Ste-Marie if that means anything). I’m not really involved in picking where exactly the land will be, besides living near or in a community, with schools and shops and hospitals nearish and not too many wild animals if possible! My boyfriend and his dad will be building our houses themselves! So it’ll be a while away yet..

    • That sounds like an awesome adventure ahead of you! I live in ontario (about and hour or so east of Toronto). Much further from where you are looking! Its like 16 hours to Thunder Bay (or an hour and a half by plane!) I would love to go to England, I feel like its very similar to Canada (as we are a british colony) yet it has all the perks of living in Europe. No 10+ hour flight to see Paris or any of that. The grass is greener like you said!

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