Public Service Announcement from Jasper

” I can’t stay away from Chinese food. I really love that stuff.” – Shaun White



Hi! Hi! Hi! Jasper here!! I sure am excited!!!!

Jules wanted me to fill in for her as she has been a bad human the past couple days and slacked off on blogging – much like treat giving; she has started to make me work for them!! Its slave labor, I tell you!! She says shes been very busy with school and and she can’t wait to be back soon!!!!!

Anyways back to me!!!! I think I would like to talk to you nice human friends on what a sad night I had. I am a pretty hyper puppy 99.42% of the time, but tonight I was just sad. Jules and Jamie brought dinner home. They are never here for dinner. It was chinese food. They ate on the floor, kind of like I do but at a small table thing. I was SUPER excited, I thought they would even share with me! I share my balls. I share my kisses. I share my belly.  I share the couch. I like to share. They didnt want to.

I tried to be cute.

IMG_0057When that didn’t get me anything. I went straight to sad. Who can’t resist a sad lil’ puppy?

IMG_0059Those mean humans. Thats who. They didn’t give me one freakin’ bite! Not one. Not even a lick from their fingers. Not even a fake “oops, I dropped a chicken ball”. Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

I left them alone for 5 minutes, hoping in my absence they would see how hurt I was. I came back and they didn’t even notice I was gone!!!!  I found a spot on the couch and pouted, hoping to maybe pull on the heart strings of them… or maybe, wait for Karma to play out… and Oh boy did it ever.

You see, Jules was eating some rice with her stick things. She hiccuped and the rice went flying all over her. I had a hard time capturing a good picture as she wasn’t too happy.

PicMonkey CollageShe needed help cleaning it up. She asked Jamie to get her some napkins. He was busy eating and told her he would when he was finished his last bite……. She wasnt too happy. I thought I would help a brotha out, and help him finish. All I got was “no Jasper”… NO JASPER???? wtf man? Bros before hoes, dicks before chicks? Has he never head of this? What is with humans these days?

IMG_0060I had enough. These humans were nothing but greedy tonight. I left them after I took that final photo. My heart was breaking. I had enough. I went and decided to take some of the cat food when they weren’t looking instead.. I guess I will leave them alone – until breakfast.

Goodnight human friends. It was nice talking to you. I’m off to go pout in my misery.






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