What’s On My iPhone?

“An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator… these are NOT three separate devices! And we are calling it iPhone! Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. And here it is.” -Steve Jobs


Thinking back to a few months ago when I shared “What’s In My Purse” I said it seems to be a big secret on what is kept in there. “You often wonder what is kept in there, but you would not dare to go through someone else’s.” I feel like it is pretty similar with phones. Our cellphone hold our lives, dates, texts, games, banking and in some cases books.

I am always interested to see what apps some people have on their phones, and I am going to try to remove the secret! SO, lets do this!

I have an iPhone 5, 16 GB in black (I do not keep music on it, so I find I have way more than enough space). It is on the Rogers Network – which is obviously a Canadian Carrier. My phone case is a deep purple, but I am hoping to get a new one shortly.

IMG_0006I find lock screens pretty boring, but hey, I am sure everyone would want to see the photo background. That photo was taken on Jamie’s 25th birthday (exactly 1 year on April 1st! – Please refrain from “April Fools” jokes”)

Now to the main attraction.

IMG_0007On this screen I only keep things which I find important and I use all the time, kept in the order of what is used most frequently. For those of you who may be wondering “KIK” is an app very similar to BBM for BlackBerry, its essentially instant messaging but can work on iPhone to Android and it allows you to see when they are typing or read you message….. Instagram username: juliaisslamow

I also created my own background on Adobe Illustrator. I love it!!!!

IMG_0008It gets busy on page 2. It holds everything who I use, but not all the time. I will not go into the details of every app but if you are wondering definitely leave a comment!

The only app I will touch on in “songpop”.. Im addicted. Add me. “missjuliaa”

You may have noticed I have a “Useless” folder. That is for all those apps which come standard with the iPhone which I never use.

IMG_0009I would have LOVED for the “newsstand” to go in there but it would allow for that..

Lastly, for anyone incredibly nosey like myself curious…. Here are my sound settings.

What kind of phone do you have?
Do you have any cool apps you wold suggest?
What is your favourite app?







6 thoughts on “What’s On My iPhone?

  1. I have similar things on my iPad mini, but you are so much more interesting than I am! Maybe I will post the screenies I took of my stuff. Which reminds me I need to post about music apps I use. I love the OPI app and the Mary Kay app.

    • Haha, believe me, I am not that exciting at all!!! Just average. I’d love to know the music apps… Do you have Songza? I love it, you can even use it as an alarm. Even has playlists for every genre. Country obviously being amazing.

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