The Time I Took Cristina To The Hospital

“After two days in the hospital, I took a turn for the nurse” – W.C Fields

Before I get into this, I just want to say it took me an hour to find a decent hospital quote. Everything I found was in regards to the cost of going to the hospital or a doctor which does not apply to us in Canada. I have no idea how all of you in the States can do it…..

1297314723906_ORIGINALTomorrow it will be the one year anniversary where my sister and I walked right through those sliding doors you see in the photo. It was definitely an eventful day for the both of us. Lets go back in time to earlier that day….

It was her 17th birthday.. She was doing co-op for school in the morning at a local bakery. I was taking the morning pretty easy as I had 3 hours of mircoeconomics that afternoon. I remember my mom coming to me and saying “Cristina text me and said she cut her finger really bad, I asked her if she wanted to be picked up, she said no, I guess she is okay”. Cristina is a notorious exaggerator when it comes to anything medical – lets just say she was kicked off of “askdoctors”… We were laughing with each other that this “cut” was probably a close encounter, as if it really was anything bad she would have come home.

A few hours pass and I am getting ready to leave for school as Cristina comes home which this demented looking bloody finger. I am unsure what happened over the next few minutes but my mom was on the phone with the doctor. She was unable to get an appointment until 2 (this was around 11), and the doctor said if it was really bad she might be sent to the hospital. Somehow I decided I should take her to the hospital and if we are still waiting around 1, we will leave and head to the doctor…. So Cristina and I head on our way (5 minutes) up the road.

I park and Cristina (who has lost a lot of blood) begins laughing to the point where she is basically chocking over “17 years ago I was at the hospital being born and now I am back at a hospital”… It was a very strange few minutes…. We get in to triage right away. The triage nurse was asking basic questions which Cristina could not answer.

“Are you Epileptic or has asthma”
“no… well yes.. No. No.. Ye…No”
“Are you on medication for it?”
“uhm not really, kind of. no, not really.”
Me: “She had asthma but she grew out of it”
Cristina: I HAD A PUFFER!
Me: She has not had a prescription in at least 10 years..

The questions continued on like that. The triage nurse had all her previous information up just verifying it all. Cristina then told her it is her 27th birthday and it is a horrible way to spend a 27th birthday. I corrected her and said 17th. Which did not impress Cristina too much.

We were sent from triage to get a bracelet. More questions. Great. Admissions asked her one simple question “Are you still living at _________” and this brilliant kid said “uhm no.. If you leave here and go down the street —–” and proceeded to give directions. So I had to pipe in again.

We were sent to the additional waiting room to see the doctor.. Which was where I snapped this beauty.

IMG_0027We meet with the doctor who unwrapped the mess. You KNOW its bad when he says “yeah thats gross”…. He explained there is nothing to stitch up but he will properly clean and wrap it and show her how to. He explained to her how if she didn’t clean it, it can get incredibly infected and if you let it go you could lose the finger. All she heard was “lose finger”. We had to go for an X-ray, as it looked so deep it wanted to make sure it did not hit the bone or there would be issues healing… She thought we were going to get the x-ray to see about amputating. She was texting people saying they were getting ready for surgery. No matter how many times I told her that she was wrong, she could not process..

We get back from x-ray and the doctor looks at it and informs us, it went as deep as the last layer of skin and the bone was good. He told us to make an appointment with the family doctor in a week so he can monitor the healing…

It was a crazy day that allowed me to miss microeconomics!!! Can’t believe it was almost a year ago!

Below is a photo of her finger for those of you who do not have a weak stomach.



9 thoughts on “The Time I Took Cristina To The Hospital

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    A year ago on Cristina’s 17th b-day she seriously injured her finger. Julia stepped up and got Cristina to the hospital asap and stayed with her every step of the way. I’ve been saying for the last year that if I die today, I will die a happy mom. I know my girls are there for each other.

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