Tour My Town

“It sure left its mark on us, we sure left our mark on .We let the world know we were here with everything we did. We laid a lot of memories down like tattoos on this town” – Jason Aldean “Tattoos on this town”

I decided to do something rather different. I realized that I will talk about things which I do, my life and everything else. I will talk about places, my town and random locations. I thought it would be neat to photograph and display areas around down, which will give you a better visual of what I could be potentially talking about.

I was at an event last week and according to this person “we are the perfect mix of a large city meets country. In an hour and a half we can be in Toronto, or in an hour and a half we can be in the middle of nowhere.” I know what you’re thinking, sounds like hell, I agree. To me, nothing beats a large city full of horns, cars, hustle and bustle. The calmness of Β this town drives me crazy. But what makes it even worse is the lifers, the people born and bred here who are closed minded and unable to see or appreciate anything out of the city limits. I struggled to find things to photograph, but I think I was able to do a great job at eliminating my bias and photographing the town for what it is.

School. I figure this is a good starting point, as I seem to always be there. I tried to get photos of the area surrounding opposed to the physical school as, lets be honest, that’s pretty boring.


Throughout the past few years of being at school, a few of us would always find time to go downtown after lectures to get lunch… or skip lecture and get lunch instead.

PicMonkey Collagejbjkj“Downtown” is full of restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes and thats about it.. Oh, the odd clothing store is there also. For the most part its just places to eat and drink.

Continuing with the eating theme, we have a sushi place on the main road. It has turned into a slight inside joke with some of my friends and me..


mings2The last thing I have to say about food, is that we have a Quaker Oats factory. In the summer when the wind is blowing you can smell the granola throughout the downtown area. It makes you rather hunger. Thank goodness for the amount of places we have to eat.

PicMonkey Collage25


Aside from food, we have a few places which is great for those nature lovers – I am not one of them.

PicMonkey Collanmvbge
When I say I am not a nature lover, I really mean it. Taking the photo of the park was (no joke) my very first time there.. Crazy right? One place which is kind of nature loving, was a place everyone would hang out in high school. It is super sketchy during the day as you never know what you will find. Its essentially a giant parking lot on top of a huge hill which overlooks the whole town. During the day there will be random cars there who are probably doing a drug deal, but who really knows.

PicMonkey Collagedsf


I am going to leave with a some more random photos! I hope you enjoyed this little insight.

PicMonkey zdsfsdfsPicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage1PicMonkey Collagefldgfd






10 thoughts on “Tour My Town

    • Haha nahh it’s all good.. I’m just a city girl! I don’t like how quiet and seculeded is it. That’s all. Oh, and I hate leaving the house and running into people I know. Maybe jam just a loner?

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