A Friday of Goodbyes and Pizza

“College days, frat house nights, You were more than just a bunch of rowdy friends of mine. You made leaving home, not as hard to bare, Yeah we swore we’d stick together, till we were in rocking chairs. But we all kind of scattered, Getting our lives in gear” – Dean Brody “Trail in Life”

So.. This happened today. UntitledShannon and I met in third semester when we both decided to take “Human Sexuality” as our GenEd (awful class.. but thats besides the point). Turns out she was also in a business program which meant we had general business classes together. We were essentially best friends the day we met.. Our friendship evolved from class conversations, to lunch dates, to being on pinterest instead of class work, to getting day drunk while tweeting profs and doing crafts. I mean that is true friendship right there. IMG_0001A few months ago with the end of school approaching quickly, out of no where she announced “Hey, I’m moving to Alberta. 4 hour plane ride, would you come visit?” HELL YEAH… and then it turned into this crazy adventure which I was vicariously living through her. Until today when we were going for lunch at our favourite place, for the last time… I snapped a pic as I was leaving, somewhat sad… But then we got there and it was so weird. It didn’t even really hit or effect us. I think we are both still in denial. Having Facetime, snapchat, iMessage, twitter, facebook, snailmail definitely helps. Yes, I am getting sparkly gel pens to write her. Lunch was amazing as always. Its a local restaurant which serves cajun food and it absolutely amazing. HBMThe first time we went there, Shannon, the brilliant girl that she is, completely blew my mind with what she ordered. They give you the choice of 2 sides which is awesome, but their sweet potato fritts are amazing. She ever so casually ordered double, instead of 2 different. I remember thinking “WTF? Why did I not think of this? This is why she is my best friend”. So.. in honor of our tradition, we both ordered out usual, which happens to be the same thing. lunchAfter lunch we said goodbye, and we headed our separate ways, happy and no tears….. I found this anonymous quote which I believes sums everything up.

“I’ve learned that your college friends become kind of family, you eat together, you take naps together, fight, laugh, cry, and do absolutely nothing together until you can’t remember how you ever lived your life without them in the first place.”

After lunch I went home and watched a documentary on the Holocaust and waited for Jamie. Were taking it pretty easy and relaxing tonight.. For date night we just had some really awesome pizza and caeser salad! dinnerAs for the rest of the night, I think Jamie will be playing some video games and probably watching something sports related. I am reading blogs while on my own little private Island with Kenny Chesney and his new album.


How was your friday?

Plans tonight?


7 thoughts on “A Friday of Goodbyes and Pizza

  1. Goodbyes are never fun, but at least you had a great time together and there will be more times in the future I’m sure. As a side note: I LOVE Hot Belly Mamas! I used to go all the time when I went to Trent University and now that I’ve moved, the boyfriend and I will actually plan an entire day trip out there just so we can go to the restaurant. (Also, double order of sweet potato fries are where it’s at! I always do that too because they are just THAT GOOD!)

    • You went to Trent? Thats awesome. I am yet to find anyone in the blogging world close to “home”. Hot Belly Mamas has to be the best place in town. Although, I do love “the pizza factory”, nothing can compete with those sweet potato fries!! Have you moved far from PTBO?

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