Calling All Americans, I Have Questions!!!!

“My upbringing in Canada made me the person I am. I will always be proud to be a Canadian.” – Jim Carrey

A few weeks ago I asked for help in finding a new show to Netflix.. I was suggested by a few people to try out “Friday Nights Lights”. I was somewhat skeptical as we all know I hate sports. Lets just say, I have been MIA, as I started it last Saturday (4 days ago), and I am currently on episode 9 of season 3!! I am absolutely in LOVE with it. However, it has led me to a bunch of questions regarding the US. Yes, I understand it is a show, which is an exaggeration, however a lot of my questions are due to the fact that it is such a different way of life than here in Canada…

PicMonkey Collage 1) What is a college interview? What is the point of a college interview? I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around this one. Here, you go online to the “application centre” check off the schools you want to apply to, pay your fee, submit your grade 12 (and maybe grade 11) transcript and then you wait. Within a few weeks you will receive a letter in the mail saying “hey, you’re in, pay these fees by this date, see you in september”. What is this interview for and why do you need one?

2) What is the deal with HIGH SCHOOL football? I don’t understand how intense it is. I get that I am watching a show which is based around high school football. BUT the town literally SHUTS DOWN friday nights for a HIGH SCHOOL football game. Our games would be in the afternoon, and (only speaking for the high school I went to) unless you were a parent of or dating a football player you didn’t really go. Maybe if your gym class watched for the period.. I just don’t understand what is so special about it. I don’t get it.

3) The HIGH SCHOOL football coach is a full time job? Ours was the guidance counsellor who volunteered his time after school.

4) “Let’s eat some barbeque”… Okay what? To me, a barbeque is a cooking device which cooks your meat over a grill powered by propane and fire. You do not eat a barbeque. You eat barbecued meat. Do you said “Let’s eat some skillet fry”? I don’t get it.

5) You have to purchase TICKETS to go and watch a HIGH SCHOOL football game? Why? It is hosted at the school which you fund through your taxes. Why do you need to buy a ticket to attend your childs game?

6) The radio station discusses every detail about the game, like they are on TSN. Again, I don’t understand it. Do they forget its a high school game? I mean, on our radio they will announce the final score, but not brainstorm possible ideas which the coach might use.


So, to you American citizens, please explain this to me. I cannot comprehend it. Why???


15 thoughts on “Calling All Americans, I Have Questions!!!!

  1. A high school coach typically also holds a teaching job at the school, at least it’s common in the south. Sports, wherever you live, rule. You play something or you get your butt in the stands and watch. Basketball, football and soccer are the main sports here. They charge a small admission and the money goes into the athletics department. The radio stations pay the school to broadcast games and the radio station can charge more money for ads since they are the presenting station for that event. And if you don’t eat BBQ around here, we know you ain’t a local.

      • They look at grades aged 16, 17, and 18. They look at awards and achievements. They also look at a ‘personal statement’ an essay you write to present yourself, which includes why you want to do the subject, work experience, volunteering and extra curriculars. It’s not easy! And you usually have an interview as well, if they like your application..

  2. I went on one college interview, and it was definitely not required. All my other schools just required an online application and an essay. As for high school sports – Texas high school football is a MUCH bigger deal than high school football elsewhere. My town’s pretty big on our football team (you do have to buy tickets to go to the games, but other athletes get in for free), but the coaches are also teachers, and the whole town doesn’t shut down on game day. The games are shown on TV and broadcast on radio.

    Glad you’re loving FNL! It’s hard not to 😉

  3. Oh great Gatsby, Jules… I am an American, have been most of my life (except 3 month in 2009 when I was pretending to be a Canadian– for whatever reason– and 3 months, again, in 2009 when I was trying out being English) and the only answer I can come up with is: I don’t know.

  4. High school football games are a time for students and adults to get together and socialize. Sure,you have a few people who really watch the game but, a lot of people Re just there to be there. But, you can ever forget about the marching band!

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